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Still waiting for anti-poverty program

May 13, 2005

I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the six month anniversary of the announcement by the Vice-President of the creation of the “Entity for the coordination of the Presidency” presided by Hugo Chavez and composed by the General Inspector of the Army, the Minister of Planning, the Secretary of the Presidency and the Vice President himself. A euphoric Rangel told us that day that they had analyzed the country with a “vision of future”. As a first task the new entity would develop in 40 days a plan initiate a battle against poverty. “We are going to employ all of the resources of the state to confront the problem of poverty”

Well, the forty days went by and nothing happened. Now, tomorrow it will be 180 days and to tell you the truth, this “entity” has not been mentioned again and this plan appears to have been shelved.


We will continue to track the progress or absence of progress of this project.


The strange interview with Chavez’ spiritual advisor

May 13, 2005

Strange interview with father Jesus Gazo in today’s El Universal. Gazo is a Jesuit priest who has been very close to Chavez; he was the resident priest at the Presidential residence, has been called the President’s spiritual adviser and advised Chavez and his ex-wife when they were separated.

Strange, because for someone that supports the Government, it is one of the most serious accusations of corruption on Chavez’ Government to date. Father Gazo not only says that corruption is rampant, but he says it goes all the way up to the highest levels. Many Ministers and Deputies are involved and the proof is in the assets these people now have, he says. Moreover, he claims Chavez knows about it, but has problems doing something about it because there is a conspiracy of the corrupt, in which they accuse honest people of being corrupt to make it hard to detect where the real corruption is. Father Gazo says that he has told Chavez about specific cases of corruption and when asked by the reporter why nobody is in jail for corruption he actually said some people are in jail for corruption, but they must be secret because there is not a single case recorded in which someone accused of corruption has gone to jail in the last six years. Gazo warns that corruption may be what unravels Chavez’ revolution in the end.


But the strangest part of the interview is actually not present in the digital version. According to Father Gazo in the paper version of today’s El Universal, about seven months ago Chavez was ready to resign frustrated over his inability to accomplish much. Gazo says he found a sad Chavez, ready to leave it all behind…How weird!