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Species blooming picking up

May 8, 2005


This is Cattleya Gaskelliana Mimi x Aida a free bloomer. This plant (I have three) hasthirteen flowers right now. On the rightis a close up. Once I took the best one of the three to a show and some peopel thought it would win. However, it turns out some people think its a hybrid, not a true cross of two species. My friend Armando who bred it says it is two species. I believe him.

Above one more of my Laelia Purpuratas from Brazil

Ascocentrum Ampucellatum from Nepal a member of the Vanda family. Each flower is like 3/8 of an inch in size, very pretty


My proliferating Grammtophyllum

May 8, 2005


A while back one of Grammatphyllum Marhtae began dying. When it was almos dead I moved it into the sun and left it there. All of a sudden lots of little plants began coming out of it. I thought it was reviving, except that when I looked closely, these were little plants growing on the dying bulbs, roots and everything!. Above left is the plant as seeing from the top. On the right, you see the dead bulbs and the plants growing on them.

Aboveleft you can see the plant, I tried but it was hard to see the roots out of the new plant. What I ahve been doing succesfully is taking out the old bulb and the new plant and pootting it like the pot shown on the right. I already have about seven new ones and growing! Not one has died.

The Super Tascon list and software: A gross violation of the rights of Venezuelans by their own Government

May 8, 2005

As if it were not outrageous enough that there existed a list, the so called Tascon list, which contained the ID numbers of all Venezuelans who signed a petition requesting a recall referendum against President Hugo Chavez, today we find out in El Universal that there was an even more sophisticated piece of software, we could call it the Super Tascon list, which was used by Chavez’ campaign command during their campaign to drive out the NO vote (and stop the Si vote) in the recall referendum. For recent arrivals, the Tascon list was a copy of the database from the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) which was placed on the webpage of Luis Tascon, a Deputy from Chavez’ MVR party and distributed in CD’s. The list has been used to fire, hire, discriminate and persecute those that signed against Chavez and work or wanted to work for the Government, as documented in the category Tascon Fascist List on the left. It was a very simple program, you would put in the ID number of the person and it would tell you where they vote and whether they signed against President Chavez or not.

Today, El Universal publishes the Super Tascon software used by the so called “Electoral Battle Units” of the Maisanta command, Chavez’s campaign command for the recall referendum. This “Units” were equipped with laptops, all 14,000 of them paid by the country’s oil company PDVSA, that were supposed to aid “in giving people have access to the information, control the voting process, avoid fraud” all without the use of Internet.

The software is much more sophisticated than the simple Tascon list. In the Tascon software you inserted the number and it would give you the answer of whether teh person signed or not, which required you to know the national ID number of the person. Here, you could do reverse finding, insert the name of the person and in a much slower process the program will find the person. It would also tell you whether the person’s signature had been rejected by the CNE, thus making you “suspect” even if you did not appear in the list of those that had signed. The program called “Santa Ines Version 1.10” in honor of an obscure battle in Venezuela’s history, had much more information that certainly violates the right to privacy of all those that participated in the petition drive to oust President Chavez (and even those that did not).

Below is the window which would appear when you searched for someone. Right next to the ID number (Called Cedula) it says: Did not sign against the President. But it goes way beyond that. It shows the date of birth, the home address of the person (the phone number if the data was available) and on the left bottom corner it says whether the person has died, whether the person has voted (Defined as abstentionist) and whether the person is involved in two of the “Misiones” that the Government has started. Thus, the program has access to multiple databases: the Electoral database, the National ID card database and the Government’s database on the Misiones.

The software says in it’s About “This software contains the Electoral registries up to March 2004. It also contains the national ID numbers of people who have died who were registered to vote. Future versions of this program can be obtained at ”.

I am at total disbelief here at seeing all this. From the fact that PDVSA paid for the laptops, which is a crime under Venezuelan law, to the lack of respect for the privacy and rights of all Venezuelans  whether pro or against Chavez, by their own Government, the intromission in the personal lives of millions of Venezuelans, the existence of this program simply reaffirms that this country is being run by a bunch of crooks without any scruples and who are fascists at heart.

Will the Attorney General/Prosecutor do something about this? Well, let’s see, who was President of the Comando Maisanta? President Hugo Chavez. Who were its members? Among others, Jesse Chacon, Minister of Justice (hah!), Diosdado Cabello (Governor of Miranda State), Mari Pili Hernandez (Vice-Minister of Foreign Relations), Nelson Merentes (Minister of Finance). In any other country, all of these people would be charged TOMORROW for human rights violations, violation of the Constitution and misuse of funds. In this Dictatorship with no checks and balances and Justice, nothing will happen, it will another scandal on top of many others.