ABA observer sharply critical of judiciary in Sumate’s case.

July 28, 2005

The American Bar Association sent an observer to Caracas for the preelimianry hearing agaisnt the Suamte leaders. Alek has the complete excellent scoop on the report which is quite critical of the way the case is being handled. Some highlights:

“In the opinion of this observer, both that law as applied in this case
and the criminal proceedings to date fail to meet international

“First, as applied in a novel way in this case, the law is impermissibly vague.”

“Second, the ambiguities in the law should be resolved in a manner consistent with Venezuela’s international legal obligations.”

“Third, the case is brought before a Venezuelan judiciary that fails to meet international standards of judicial independence.”

“Fourth, certain aspects of the pretrial proceedings to date violate due process of law.”

Rule of Law: Gone too!

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