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Wonderful Telesur programming

August 4, 2005

A great
first week for that wonderful independent programming that TV station Telesur
is bringing us. In the last week we have seen the following non-biased,
politically independent programming:

–Four and a half continuous hours of Chavez. Well deserved, he is after all
the leader of the Continent. Coming soon to a Continent near you.

–One hour of a wonderfully entertaining cartoon in which large Cuban Rambos
(Not used in Angola)
defeat small US soldiers in a very bloody and gory battle. This was so violent as to make
it illegal in Venezuela
under the gag law, but it is not illegal anywhere so it was shown anyway. What
good is a revolution if you can’t do what you please?

–One hour and a half documentary against organized crime. In this case the
Catholic Church. Most of the program was centered on one of its capos the so
called “Priest of San Mateo”, who taking advantage of his important
position in the “family”, regularly smuggled drugs to Europe to raise funds for the kids in his parish. But he
was caught. In 1985. Of course, this fact was not mentioned in the program
making it sound as a current event in order to carry the message against organized

Well, I hope on Sunday Telesur publishes its full programming guide, so that I
can know what wonderful stuff I will be watching next week. This is required by
law in Venezuela,
but they have not done it yet. I guess they are too busy thinking of these
wonderful things they want to tell us about.