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Who follows this little book? by Teodoro Petkoff

August 31, 2005


Who follows this little book? by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

Jorge Rodríguez reappeared yesterday in the press room of the CNE. A place where he feels comfortable.

Ever overconfident. JR asked to be forgiven-it would have been enough to offer his apology- for the errors contained in the printing of the book 15.08.04 A democratic experience, which gathers, although badly, his greatest works. JR likes fiction-he once won the short story contest of the El Nacional daily-but not in a proportion that would question his electoral-political work. He ordered-he said- an investigation to determine if the errors were the product of a “criminal conspiracy”. It seems like fiction, pure fantasy, but it is reality.

What the book episode reveals, is that the revisions of the CNE-and that of JR, can not be trusted.

A minor matter: after all, the institution is only in charge of determining how votes are shared in the country.

A man of words, thus, JR decides on higher word matters, such as the Constitution, with a lightness that is more than worrisome. He insists that the organization under his command does not have the legal instruments to ban the separation of list and personal votes (the so called morochas or twins), which is what allows, for example, that MVR, with 30% of the valid votes, obtained 64% of the positions up for grabs in the elections of the recent August 7th. The consecration of the morochas is irreversible according to the best knowledge of JR, unless the Organic Law of Suffrage and political participation is modified.

Fiction and pseudo legalities are the strengths of JR

If he read the little books, he could save some apologies and avoid wasting time investigating “criminal conspiracies”.

Article 239 of the Constitutional book gives the authority to the Electoral Power to “resolve the doubts and voids” that electoral laws “contain or stir up”. Could this be an instrument Mr. Rodríguez? The same article, later, compels it to guarantee “the personalization of suffrage and proportional representation”. And you know, Mr. Rodríguez, because you have said it, that the morochas attempt against this representation.

You know it, you say that you disagree with that mechanism, but you allow that UVE, without being registered as a national party, postulates candidates and partners them up with MVR. What a curious way of demonstrating you disagree with the morochas. Can we use the term conspiracy, Mr. Rodríguez?