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Bye, bye Pat, apology accepted

August 24, 2005

So, we close the Robertson chapter with his statements today. As far as
I can tell, there were two, based on the timing of the news by CNN. He
first denied that he had suggested Chavez be assasinated, which is not
correct, he did use the word assasination. He claimed that he had said
the US should “take him out: referring to Chavez, saying that could
just be a kidnapping. I guess he was thinking Noriega. Later, he apologized for his statements.
It is a bit confusing from the CNN report to tell whether this was two
separate events. I believe they were. He first tried to deny he had
said it and later he probably realized how foolish he looked and
apologized. In fact, somebody that works with Robertson even started making comments in some blogs like in John Robb’s blog,
where someone from the Christian Broadcasting Network bothered to post
the denial. Of course, users can’t make comments dissapear, so she did
not post the apology later.

All in all, a shameful event. I find it quite interesting that the
response was more subdued in Venezuela than in the US. I think the
Chavez administration did the right thing, dismissing it mostly as the
words of a nut, which is interesting given that he is not a personality
that is well known here. There were some exagerations, but hey, what
can you expect, there are excitable people everywhere. All religious
institutions were quick to condenm the statements by Robertoson.Why the
US media made such a big deal is difficult for me to understand. Even
the blogging world blew it out of proportion, my post last night was one of the top ten posts of the day at truth laid bear for quite a while. Fortunately, it is slowly dissapearing into the oblivion where it belongs.

So, we move on, Thank God! (Not Pat’s)

CNE book for download (3.7 MB)

August 24, 2005

For those that feel a need and a desire to browse through the masterpiece of book by CNE Director Jorge Rodriguez, here is the link to the full book
(Warning: it is a 3.7 MB Acrobat download), including the infamous pie
chart in which the SI wins the recall vote on page 118. Anyone finding
something interesting, please comment in this post or send your post
via the little envelope at the bottom of the page. I will only get to
read the whole book over the weekend!

(Thanks Ed!)