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Finding my political calling

August 23, 2005

Maybe I do belong to a political party after all (from lgf 1n 2002, via Instapundit):

What bloggers are more than anything, I think, is anti-idiot. That
makes life tough for Noam Chomsky, Cornel West, and the Revs. Falwell,
Robertson, Jackson, & Sharpton, for reasons that transcend
traditional partisanship and ideology.

Who would have thought, anti-idiotarian after all these years!

Much ado about Robertson

August 23, 2005

Yesterday when I first heard of what Pat Robertson had said about the US needing to kill Chavez, I did not
even think of writing about it, after all, Mr. Robertson has said sillier and
crazier things than that. For example, he is the author of such wisdom as:

“Feminism is a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages
women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy
capitalism and become lesbians”

look at the density of wisdom in that sentence! You have to be
amazed that any brain could cook all of that up in a single sentence.
All this
time I thought it was Osama (or Robertoson, who seems to spout similar
philosophies!) that was the main threat to the world and it turns out
to be

let’s look at it closely, it says I am a socialist (which I am not)
because I am in favor of feminism, but goes against the same man he
killed, who has demonstrated to be a true machista, so there are
inconsistencies right
there, to say nothing of the killing of the children (of which neither
me nor Chavez is in agreement with), mentions witchcraft which
Chavez does appear to be intrigued with at the Santero level. As to lesbianism, it is one
subject that Chavez has never addressed in the last 40,000 hours he has
spoken to Venezuelans in nationwide adresses,
so I could not tell you even if he has an opinion on it.

Then, of course, there will be the Venezuelan politicians who will say that
Robertson is just like Bush, because they come from the same country and speak the same evil language, when in
fact, Robertson is as far away from Bush as he can, if not look at what he
thinks about the US State Department:

“If I could just get a nuclear device inside Foggy Bottom, I think that’s
the answer”

Wow! Talk about being in agreement with Chavez! He actually proposes nuking
Condoleezza, a somewhat stronger action than what Chavez said the US Secretary
State needed
, but the feeling towards her does appear to be mutual.

I actually thought that Chavez and Pat (Am I allowed to call him Pat?)
had more in common, so the proposal does take me somewhat by surprise. After
all, Chavez in his spiritual evolution during the last seven years actually
went through an evangelist phase, which took everyone by surprise, but lasted only a few months
until he declared himself a catholic, right before he said he was a Maoist. He
is, of course, now a XXIst Century Socialist, which even the coiner of that
term now questions. Although they claim being a XXIst Century Socialist is not akin
to being an evangelist or a Catholic, but I really have to wonder.

In any case, I wonder who told Robertson to say what he said, he does
have some important connections up there, wasn’t he the one that said that
Satan told him that Jesus was playing him for a sucker? Chavez wished Fidel would talk to him with such frankness!

In the end, Chavez should be grateful to Robertson, not because of then
noise that he will be able to make with the statement, but because Robertson after
all, proved that Chavez is not a communist, as I remind everyone regularly in this blog,
when Robertson stated clearly and unequivocally:

“Communism is the brainchild of German Jewish intellectuals”

Chavez after all, is neither of the three (or four!).

What I do have to take seriously is the suggestion that Robertson needs
to be jailed for saying what he said. First, there is no gag law in the US like here (see previous post). Second,
Robertson did not say he would do it, he asked the US Government to do it for him.
Finally, it is not illegal to say what he said, after all Chavez has said much
worse things, for which he would then should be jailed for, in the spirit of mutual reciprocity.