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The infinite wisdom of Hugo Chavez

August 12, 2005

— “Argentina’s
bonds are thousands of times safer than US Treasury bonds”

Tell that to those that had them before than country
defaulted three years ago

–“There is a
and relentless attack on President Lula that has to come from a
planning center of his own country or abroad…it is a rightwing conspiracy”

Only hours later, Lula himself went on TV
and ask Brazilians to forgive him and his party. “I feel betrayed by
unacceptable practices, practices of which I was never a part of” said Lula,
showing why he is so different from Chavez.

–“Oil prices will never go down”

He should talk to Carlos Andres Perez, who thought exactly
the same thing in the 70’s.

can help alleviate the oil crisis that is coming”

According to reports, Venezuela’s oil production went
down in 2003, again in 2004 and has gone down so far in 2005. You know why?
Lack of investment. You know who decided that? Hugo Chavez. It is a vicious
circle, in and outside his mind.

Daniel’s letter to the opposition is a must read

August 12, 2005

Don’t forget to read Daniel’s letter to the opposition,
hopefully they will pick up on some of these ideas. All I can add  to it is:
When in doubt, hold a primary, people want more democracy, give it to

Code of Behavior

August 12, 2005

A friend sent me a code of behavior from this website which in turn was borrowed from this other weblog and which I have modified to fit
my blog. I have mentioned some of these ideas before, but I thought it would be good
to have them in one place, visible and clear:

Stay On Topic

– The topic of a blog entry should be the topic for most
comments pertaining to it. Beware of conversational drift. If your comment is
longer than the post, maybe you should rewrite it.

– No meta-discussion. Meta-discussion is conversation about
the conversation: about another person’s commenting style, about the blog
rules, about the blogger’s decisions, etc. Any issues with the blog raeders or its blogger should be addressed
privately to the owner.

– No repeat posts. Double posts, or repetitive posting of
the same points over and over, will not help your argument. We heard you the
first time. If you think you have a lot to say, but are not getting enough room
to say it, start a blog and tell us once about it, but that is about it.

-This is a blog mostly about information on/about/for Venezuela and
what is happening in our country. It is a terrible world out there, but for
discussions about how much you love/hate Bush, love/hate Bin Laden, love/hate
Lula, love/hate Michael Jackson and/or love/hate the war in Iraq, there are
plenty of blogs devoted to those topics. Visit them. These people/situations
are only relevant if there is a direct connection between them and Venezuela.

Do Not Abuse, Harass, or Defame

– No personal attacks. Insulting, attacking, or denigrating
another reader are ad-hominem attacks, which weaken debate and are not allowed
under any circumstances.

– No baiting or gloating. Repeated taunting, sexual
come-ons, or competitive posts toward another user constitute harassment and
will get you banned. The object is intelligent discourse, not scoring points.

– No defamatory speech. Denigration of or threats against
any group of people due to their race, religion, nationality, gender, politics or sexual
orientation will not be tolerated.

Don’t be anonymous

When you write in your e-mail in the comments, only your
blogger sees it. Please use your real e-mail, I may want to contact you, ask
you about a comment and otherwise know who you are. I will not reveal your
e-mail to anyone. If you can’t trust me with your e-mail, why should I give
credence to what you say in your comment?

-Violations of any of these rules will result in removal of
the offending comment(s). Repeat offenders will be banned from the blog.

-These rules may be modified whenever the owner of the blog
feels like it. Only one person has ever been banned from this blog. That is one
too many.

-Suggestions for changes, additions and improvements to
these rules should be sent to me privately, via the envelope below.