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Flowering picking up!

September 4, 2005

Top left: Sophronitis Cernua, a species from Brazil. This is a small
flower, about half an inch in size.Top right: Another Cattleya
Percivaliana this time a “semi-alba”, nice color, bout not great shape
and somewhat small.

The waxy hybrid above left is a Leliocattleya, but I lost the label,
so I have no clue about its anme, although I know who I bought it from
in Maracay, south of Caracas. On the right is another flowering of the
Cattleya Walkeriana alba I showed a week or so ago. This time the
flowers were bigger, better shaped.This is the variety called
“Pendentive” considered the ebst alba there is, the petals and sepals
are thick, almost cardboard consistency.