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Hugo the XIVth. legislates again

September 24, 2005

Well, Chavez the XIVth., the Pluto King of Little Venice was legislating again (by susbcription) yesterday when he gave us this new piece of his wisdom:

“All land is the property of the state..those that have title have “some rights”…”

Whatever happened to Article 115 of the Constitution which clearly states:
“The right to porperty is guaranteed. All persons have the right to
use, enjoy, make the most of and dipose of their property. Property
would be subject to the conditions, restrictions and obligations that
the law establishes with the public good or general interest as its
end. Only for reasons of public interest or social use by a firm
sentence and opportune payment of compensentation can the expropriation
of any type of property be declared.”

To me it sounds like it is the other way around, you own the land and the state may have the right to expropriate under certain conditions.. But hey, he is the law!