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Huguito, the Pluto King of Little Venice

September 21, 2005

the XIVth., The Pluto King of Little Venice and adjacent territories, continued
proving that his rule shines across all powers as he continued to legislate, rule,
govern, meddle, pontificate, lie and change his mind about any issue that his
meandering mind may like.

Huguito’s topic for the week was his continued attack on private property,
profits, capitalism and in general the promotion of monastic values which, he
of course does not practice. Flying in his US$ 85 million Airbus, wearing Lanvin
suits, Cartier watches and Disney underwear, Huguito called for his
“co-management” social companies to be non-profit, told workers that that they
should not aspire to be rich and that having two of anything was bad. All of
this from the 100 suit man, including a dozen military uniforms with ranks he
never achieved and the three dozen fancy watch man. But hey, we have exceptions
in XXIst. Century Socialism, particularly if we are talking about the all-wise,
all-wavering, egotist, fascist, autocrat, the Pluto King himself.

scolded the Mayors for not expropriating urban lands, forgetting that
he has
yet to eliminate the right to private property in the Constitution. Oh
yes! He does not control two thirds of the assembly yet, but wait till
December, Jorgito the snake will take care of that. And he said
that he would cancel mining concessions issued in previous Governments,
immediately said that the Government would operate the Las Cristinas
gold mine,
a concession graciously awarded to Canadian concern Crystallex, you
guessed it,
under Huguito’s Government itself. But this is what is so wonderful
about the
Pluto King. You never know when he will wake up with a wonderful new,
and better idea to screw an enemy, or a friend for that matter. His
only true
friend and trusted confidant is the Pluto King himself. And his economy ignorance and improvisation is unlimited.

And since
he had not attacked the gringos since leaving the Bronx, sans two Cuban-adopted Venezuelan bodyguards who decided to try
their luck in Bush’s land, he blasted Verizon-controlled-phone-company CANTV
warning that if they did not pay retired workers what the Supreme Court had
ordered, he would apply to them the “acid and sword” of the law, no matter how
powerful they thought they were. Of course, the Supreme Court has made no such
ruling, it simply ruled in the workers favor and asked a lower Court to
establish damages. Moreover, CANTV may yet appeal the decision. But you see,
for Huguito or you may call him Pluto, these are just the details, the law
moves too slow, even if it rules the way he wants. He is after all, the law. He
is the King, He is Huguito, the Pluto King of Little Venice.