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I guess the jungle is supposed to belong to everyone

September 7, 2005

Weil’s genius strike again! Great humor on the story I posted yesterday, using the Government’s ad that you can read about at the bottom of this post in Daniel’s blog.

Conviasa,the airline that barely flies

September 7, 2005

A year ago President Chavez announced that his Government was starting
a new Government airline called Conviasa, that would start flying in
November. November came and went and nothing happened. Then in January
Chavez announced Conviasa again. Then in March I wrote an article called “Venezuela Inc. is back”,
making a parallel between what happened in the 70’s in Venezuela when
oil prices shot up thru the roof and now, with Chavez starting dozens
of Government owned companies doomed to fail, much like those created
by CAP in the 70’s.Well, today I learn that Conviasa’s only airplane a
Boeing 737 is broken down in Margarita island,
passengers were stuck in Aruba and other airlines had to cover the
routes. Today it was announced that it should be flying tomorrow. Would
you reserve in this airline?

Chavez’ Katrina generosity, now looks miniscule

September 7, 2005

From PMB comments
I learn that Chavez’ advisers may have misjudged the impact of his
generosity to the Katrina victims when Daddy Warbucks Chavez offered
US$ 1 million to the victims via the Red Cross. It turns out that 94
nations have so far offered aid and among OPEC members Venzuela’s
contribution looks indeed puny:

  • Venezuela: Up to $1 million to Red Cross from CITGO Petroleum
  • Bahrain: $5 million ..(not a Member of OPEC but acts as if it were)
  • Kuwait: $400 million in oil, $100 million cash
  • Qatar: $100 million cash
  • Saudi Arabia: $255 million from Aramco
  • United Arab Emirates: $100 million cash

In fact, they should have looked up what Venezuela received in international aid after the Vargas tragedy: US$ 656 milion in cash contributions alone, if what they wanted was to make a big deal out of it It now looks like a miniscule deal.