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An imaginary story in the revolution?

September 13, 2005

Imagine this story in revolutionary Venezuela:

Someone starts a
newspaper with a US$ 3 million investment. According to Venezuelan law,
if a company has more than a certain number of workers they can form a
union. This paper exceeds that number. In the case of newspapers, they
join the umbrella union called the “Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores
de la Prensa”, which may mediate between the workers and the owners.
But in this case, the owners refuse to negotiate a collective
bargaining agreement.

The workers go to the Ministry of Labor,
which issues an order for the owner to sit down and negotiate with the
workers and the umbrella union. The owner refuses to sit down and
pressures workers into signing a contract written by the owner (after
the order was issued) or they will be fired. Some are actually fired.
The union refuses to recognize the contract, so does the Minister of
Labor and the owner continues to refuse to recognize the order by the

A case of exploitation by oligarchs? A case that
proves why the revolution is needed? A violation of the rights of the
workers? Human rights abuses by the wealthy?

Well, the
confrontation described above is taking place at Diario Vea, a
pro-Chávez newspaper, led and owned by the former leader of the
Venezuelan Communist Party Guillermo Garcia Ponce, who held the post of
Director of the Revolutionary Political Command for Chávez’ MVR party.

no? These are the revolutionary leaders. The ones who care for the
people, the poor, blah, blah, blah and etc, etc, etc.

please, don’t even ask where the former President of the Venezuelan
Communist Party and Director of the MVR’s political command got the US$
3 million to start the pro-Chávez paper. You don’t ask such questions
in the revolution.