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Four species for the New Year

January 1, 2006

Above left is a picture of Oncidium Splendidum from Guatemala and Honduras. This is to me one of the most spectacular Oncidiums. It flowers on a one meter spike, send as many as two dozen flowers like the one above. The flowers are two inches in size, making that labellum simply spectacular. This is the first time mine flowers, it only has ten flowers but I just love it. I have had three of these and for some reason the other two died. A friend of mine who has a very good collection of orchids has had the same problem in Caracas. But somehow this one managed to spike and I hope it keeps doing well. Top right, a magnificent Cattelya Lueddemanniana from Venezuela. This is a cross of Augusta x Maruja. Te shape is not perfect but it is simply huge.

Above left one of my best Cattleya Walkeriana from Brazil, the color and shape are excellent, it is a very deep color. Too right:Cirrhopetalum Makoyanum from Asia, it is an oustanding yellow color. The plant has as many as six flowers, I tried taking a picture of all of them, but could not get them all in focus at the same time.