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Another giant and fascist step to nowhere by the revolution

January 17, 2006

In another
concrete and visionary act, the Venezuelan National Assembly today approved in its
first discussion the Bill for the change of Patriotic Symbols. The main changes
will be the addition of one more star to the flag to symbolize the area being
claimed by Venezuela from British Guyana (Which has little to do with the other
seven stars which symbolize the original provinces) and the change suggested by
the little girl that can not be mentioned to have the horse look more dynamic
and looking towards the left.

Deputies also decided to forbid the use of any of the symbols in “public concentrations”
or “political propaganda”, imposing fines on their use. This is just another
fascist twist to Chavista policies. Curiously, it was Chavez himself that
campaigned using the flag in 1998, until the opposition simply “stole” the flag
as a symbol of Chavismo.

Just imagine
all of the money that will be spent by the Government in order to make these
changes. Money that could be spent elsewhere in more positive steps to help the
people of Venezuela.
So could the time of the Deputies be spent in doing more important things than
sucking up to Chavez and his unmentionable daughter.

revolutionary BS, more waste of money, more waste of time, more fascism. Another giant step to nowhere by the fake
revolution. What else is new?

P.S: For those that speak Spanish here is another good take on the same topic by Venezolano Puro .