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Another great day for fascism, lies and abuses by the Government

January 18, 2006

It was another day for fascism, lies and stupidity from some of the usual suspects:

Our esteemed
Prosecutor said today that
“he does not want to curtail anyone’s free speech but….”:

office will open an investigation against some media sources for “obstruction
of Justice”

–He will “ask
a judge to prohibit the distribution or publication of any part of what is
contained in the files of the Danilo Anderson case”

–He will “ask
the media and telecom regulator to open a procedure against the media using the
“Law of Social Responsibility for radio and TV” to determine if they in”three incurred
in any violations and crimes which he happened to mention carry penalties from “six
months to three years”

–He said
the media (Globovision) is intimidating the witness when it says he has
escaped, when “you can not escape when you are not in jail” (My interpretation:
He flew the coop, but is not an escape)

Now this
is intimidation, fascism and violation of the rights of free speech all bundled
into a tight little package by the supreme violator
and manipulator of the Constitution Isaias Rodriguez. Curiously, he said all of this on the
same day that Human Rights Watch said
that in the Venezuela under
Chaves, human rights, justice and free speech have all taken a step back and it
happens to be the responsibility of Rodriguez himself to insure according to Art. 285
of the Venezuelan Constitution
“that the administration of Justice and due
process work well and….to guarantee in judicial processes the respect of the rights
and constitutional guarantees…”

But, of
course, he is investigating the media, his enemies, but he did not mention
ONCE, investigating those that surround him that are providing the information to
the media. These “Chavistas”, because they have all been placed there by this Government, leak this information because they are sick of it and they see that the whole thing is simply a travesty of this
Prosecutor who is simply acting as the political Commissar of the regime, going
after whomever the regime orders to go after and not those that should be prosecuted.

before the Anderson
assassination, it was the murdered prosecutor himself who provided some members
of the media with the contents of the files on cases such as the Sumate
prosecution or the case of those that went to the Presidential Palace on April
4th. 2002, some of whom were not even there. Of course, there is no chance that that had anything to do with his murder. That avenue has not been explored.

In fact,
Rodriguez did absolutely nothing when the media got a hold of the Supreme Court
decisions in some very important cases, days before they were announced. LAtely, the rule seems to be that the decsions are published and known before they are announced, making even the highest Court of the land part of thi judicial an unethical farse. It
would be quite easy to determine who leaked those decisions, since few people
have those copies, but Rodriguez is not supposed to make the life of the
supporters of the revolution difficult, only that of those that opposed the stupid revolution.

But such
are the ways of the fake revolution, which discusses whether the horse on the
Coat of Arms should be male or female (Why not neuter?), at a time when there
are very important problems around, but ignorant Deputies,
none other than Chief fascist and human rights abuser Luis Tascon had the indecency
of saying “the collapse of the viaduct has little incidence on the national
economy” or the “Government can’t be
blamed for the viaduct problem after 2002-2003” as if 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002,
2003, 2004 and 2005 were years where Hugo Chavez was traveling or there was no
National Budget.

The old
joke used to be that this Government was like Teflon because “nothing sticks to
it”. Well, I guess not even ideas, ethics or morals stick to them, they are
responsible for nothing, they lie, persecute and are vindictive with their
political enemies and do it and say it without even changing their faces and
they are capable of saying the most imbecile things without a gesture in their faces. They
should get a patent for this, because it is really so much better than Teflon.

But where
are the opposition leaders calling these people fascists and idiots day after
day (or minute after minute)? Are they still on vacation? Who is going to defend
the media? This is being carefully planned so that in a year or two these media
outlets will simply not exist as Conatel closes them for violating the law and
nobody will remember why or how they were closed, the same way that nobody seems
to remember that Isaias Rodriguez does not defend the law and has made a
mockery of what I supposed to be an independent power.

But I will
not forget. When and if this fascist and abusive Government leaves, I will sit
down and go through every single post, crossreference all these sinisters figures and look for the documents and evidence
for their lies, abuses and stupidities and write daily in a local newspaper so
that they are shamed everyday for their actions when they thought they were
under the protection of the autocrat himself. Hopefully, HE will be in jail.

(P.S.: After completing the post I realized there is a new man competing for the job of top clown, the Mayor of Maracaibo, who apparently wants to be Governor, recently accused the Governor of having been to Colombia, which even the Chavista Minister of Justice said was not true. Well, the new charge is even more hilarious, Mayor Di Martino now accuses Governor Rosales of having a credible “parallel budget” for the State funded by none other than the US Government. Yeah! Sure, very likely. On the other hand, if each Governor could double his budget by applying for this, as Seinfeld would say: we may have something there!)