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Government figures threaten opposition march in attempt to intimidate

January 21, 2006

On Sunday,
the opposition will hold a march to commemorate the anniversary of January 23d.
1958 when Dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez was overthrown. This will be the first
march in quite a while and should be the beginning of trying to mobilize the
opposition for the December election.

After the
high abstention levels of December, the Government is concerned that the march
will be a success, I suspect attendance will be low, but just to make sure it
is, both the Head
of the National Assembly
and the
Mayor of the Libertador District of Caracas
, in their characteristic
unethical and fascist way, attempt to scare people away by suggesting the
opposition itself is planning to ambush the march or plans to reedit the events
of April 11th. 2002.

As usual
with this mockery of a Government, there is no evidence other than that the
security detail of the organizers of the march “have been going over the route,
looking at buildings in a suspicious way”. It is the usual cheap Chavista shot
at trying to make something into what it isn’t. Moreover, it is done without
following the appropriate channels of Government, because these people after
seven years in power, seem to believe and act as if they were still the opposition, not assuming their responsibility for their jobs as Government officials.

If they were
part of a true and responsible Government, they would go the appropriate
authorities and show proof of their accusations and the authorities in charge
of security would be the ones in charge. But of course, there is no substance
to what Maduro and Bernal are saying; the same way there is really no organized
Government in Venezuela
but just a bunch of unethical thugs and crooks, like Maduro and Bernal, who
only care about political survival.

For myself,
I will certainly be there tomorrow, no matter what threats, whether real or
imaginary they make, fighting for my beliefs and against this fascist,
irresponsible and autocratic Government. I invite all readers of the
blog who are in
to go and participate in the march.