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A grotesque and disgraceful display by the Supreme Court Justices

January 27, 2006

If there was ever a scene that stunned me and shamed me, was to see today the tape of the opening of the Supreme Court sessions for the Judicial year 2006 which took place two days ago. President Chavez was in attendance, the President of the Supreme Court gave a speech in which he spoke of Justice and independence. The Hall was packed with Justices and the employees of the Court. Then the session ended and the Justices in their solemn robes proceeded to show why this revolution is absolutely grotesque and immoral and why everything that was expressed during the session is as fake and empty as the revolution itself

The Justices got up and started in a chorus to sing the Chavista chant “Uh Ah Chavez no se va” (Uh Ah Chavez is not leaving)

The picture of the exact moment when this happened is shown above. I have never been so ashamed, stunned, amazed in my life. That the men who are in charge of administering Justice in my country could stoop so low, could be so servile to the man, to the so called revolution, that they could be so afraid, so scared that they would suck up to him by putting on such a unethical display of emotions is simply disgraceful. They should all resign effective immediately after that shameful show of disrespect to Justice and to all Venezuelans.

(P.S. You can read about it in Tal Cual or Noticiero Digital)