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Winners of the caption contest!

May 2, 2006

As decided by ghost blogger Jorge Arena, there are two winners to the caption contest: LECO and Miguel Aguirre, with the following captions:

LECO: “Leche is what I have on oil prices”

Miguel Aguirre: “I have just been crowned king of milk”

The winners shoudl send me an e-mail via the enevlope at the bottom of the page with the name of the book they want and their address to deliver it. Still need 13,000 visitors to truly celebrate the one million mark!

(In the interest of disclosure one of the winners is a nephew, Jorge did not knwo this)

The Desintegrator by ????? in Tal Cual

May 2, 2006

Curious that I used last night the word desintregrate referring to what is happening in Latin America and today Tal Cual’s Editorial is entitled “The Desintegrator” in reference to our President and his recent behavior surrounding Peru and and the CAN. By the way, I have no idea whether it is still Petkoff writing these Editorials, it is either him or Javier Conde, until they clear it up in their front page, I will leave a question mark.

The Desintegrator by ????? in Tal Cual

In the matter of the Andean Community of
Nations (CAN) and that of Peru,
the form is as important or more important that the matter itself. The conduct
of President Chavez is unacceptable from any point of view, international or
diplomatic standard that you may want to use. In a Chief of State, that
behavior can not be justified under any argument. It is not only inappropriate
and coarse with other countries but also, to a large degree, with his own

In the case of the CAN, Chavez acted
without consulting the country in general and the interested sectors in
particular, he even barely explained his acts, but only after executing them as
a fait accompli, and he did not even make an attempt to discuss the issue with
his Andean colleagues.

He simple hit the lamp with a stick. The
oldest integrationist experience in south America went into a coma forno reason
other than the pure and arbitrary will of the President of Venezuela. The free
trade treaties signed by Colombia
and Peru
with the US induced “noise” in the CAN? To fix the damage in one of the rooms
in the house you don’t have to destroy it first. That is what Chavez did. But,
we insist, the worst part is the treatment that Chavez gave his own country and
his own people.

Like the owner of a large farm state, because he felt like it (untranslatable:
Because of the cover of his kidneys) this champion of participative democracy did
not even propose the obvious: a consultative referendum with his people, as it
is contemplated in the Constitution for decisions of this nature. His conduct
was the pure quintessence of authoritarism and autocratic behavior. He was sure
that none of the powers of the State was going to raise a voice of protest agaianst
such a huge barbaric act.

In the case of the discussion with Alan
Garcia and the threat of breaking diplomatic relations with Peru if he should win,
we face the same conduct. What the hell is this, disrespecting the people of a
nation, blackmailing them with breaking relations if they don’t vote for the
candidate that Chavez likes, in this case Humala? Does Chavez believe that he
is the Great Elector in Latin America, the man that decides how people should

What the hell is this disrespect towards us
Venezuelans handling diplomatic relations with our country as if it was a
private matter, subject to the humor and whims of the President?

Where has anyone seen such a grotesque
and outlandish posture? Is it that Chavez can manage the country as if it was his
own property? Why should Peru pay for a discussion between Chavez and Garcia,
since the later is just a candidate?

Chavez is becoming a pest in this
continent. Even Lula and even his friend Kirchner were forced to reprimand him,
in a very tough manner by the way, because of his intrigues around Mercosur. In
two words they told him not to get involved in something he knows nothing about.
Our busybody President was forced to apologize

In his arrogance with so many dollars;
Chavez however is beginning to find a continent that is getting tired of his