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Chavez ignores his own Constitution

May 24, 2006

Chavez seems to have forgotten Art.67 of the Venezuelan
written by a Constituent Assembly that he ran and controlled:

Artículo 67.
Todos los ciudadanos y ciudadanas tienen el derecho de
asociarse con fines políticos, mediante métodos democráticos de organización,
funcionamiento y dirección. Sus organismos de dirección y sus candidatos o
candidatas a cargos de elección popular serán seleccionados o seleccionadas en elecciones
internas con la participación de sus integrantes.


“All of the citizens have the right to associate themselves for political
goals, using democrataic methods of organization, functioning and direction. The
organsims of direction and their candidates to popular elections will
be selected using internal elections with the participation of its

Given this how
can Chavez criticize
Sumate saying: “Why is Sumate calling for
primaries?…… the empire is pressuring for primaries…they want to become a
parallel Electoral Board, calling for primaries”

Well Hugo, its your law, your Constitution, that is what iternal elections means, just because you don’t follow it,
does not mean others should not or is an order of the Evil Empire. So, you
better get your story straight, read your little blue book again, maybe you may find it. It’s called democracy, but I know you don’t quite understand that concept yet.

Three from the cesspool of the revolution

May 24, 2006

–This morning a local newspaper denounced that Judge Gumer Augusto Quintana had been in jail for armed robbery. This afternoon he was rmoved from his position. What’s the big deal? We already have Judge Maikel Moreno, a convicted murdered as one of the most trusted judges of the revolutiion.

Peruvian TV reports that Chavez protected Fujimori’s trusted adviser Vladimir Montesinos. Really? Didn’t Deputy Carreno say that Montesinos was dead when the Venzuelan press said he was here? But Montesinos later showed up here alive and well and was sent off to Peru in minutes? Why did Carreno say that? Why did the Head of the intelligence police hold a press conference to deny Montesionos was in the country?

—Carter Center representative Jennifer McCoy shows up and expresses her backing for the new CNE. I guess she used the same criteria as that fateful day of the recall vote: Absolute Ignorance, Total Loyalty. That is one stupid statement by Ms. McCoy. Has she read their statements so far? Does she really back them?

After seven years, Chavez finally appoints a corruption Czar!

May 24, 2006

revolution is truly amazing. They have no morals and no ethics. They name as
“Head of Government Contract , a new position supposedly to control corruption
none other than Eliecer Otaiza, the former Head of Disip, Ince, Land Institute
and whatever other positions he has had. This is the same guy who as he was
appointed to each f his positions, went out and spent Government money to
build himself a gym
adjacent to his office. The same guy who signed memos
requesting food and beverages out of Ince funds to give to Chavistas marchers. The
same one
that said Venezuelans should be armed!. The same guy who killed a lady
that was riding with him in a police motorcycle at a time that he held no
Government position, the evidence was changed and eventually he was charged,
but magically the charges were dropped and he was named to a nw Government

But he is
now the corruption Czar. What a big joke! But let’s hear what he had to say
during his testimony in the National Assembly. You don’t even have to remember
that Chavez has been in power seven plus years, I will make sure to remind you:

In the last seven years many people have
become very rich and made very lucrative deals, wearing the red beret of the

No!!! For
the shame of it. Who would have thought it? After all the denials, now we learn
that many people have become rich wearing red berets, but he did not mention
one of them. He must know who they are, no? But he keeps blabbing about:

Some are extreme right, I call them “Machete
International”, some are military and others are crooked comrades who go around
making huge deals in the name of the revolution

In one
swipe, he confesses there is a corrupt and
rightwing MVR branch, corrupt military and crooked comrades. This guy is worth
his weight in platinum, titanium or gold. That is exactly what you have been
reading in this blog for a long time. But now I have the good housekeeping seal
of approval from corruption and corrupt himself Czar Otaiza.  Now, as you read the following remember that
Chavez has been in power all of seven plus years:

I have been commissioned by the President to
initiate the hunt for the Chavista “nouveau
rich” and declare the war against corruption.”

time! Seven years and now you are initiating
the war. This from the colonel whose main gripe was supposedly the level of corruption
in Venezuela
during the IVth. Republic, but he has allowed it to reach unprecedented levels
during his mandate. But Otaiza seems to know more:

There is a group of people who have become millionaires
in this revolutionary process, they have their little companies and now they are
also interested in controlling the anti-monopoly ill too

Wait! Hold
it there! Read this carefully and remember it has been seven revolutionary years!
There is a group, and they are millionaires,
but if they are interested in the anti-monopoly bill, they can’t have “little
companies”, that I not precisely the realm of “anti-monopoly”. But there is
also an intriguing feature: Given that there are no opposition figures in the
Nationals Assembly, this suggests that these millionaires are ready to
influence half of the revolutionary Assembly? All 81 of them? Oh! The pretty
revolution never ceases to amaze me! Whatever happened to things like ideals,
principles and ethics? Did the revolution ever have them?

But let’s
look at the evolution of things under the revolution:

—95% of
all contracts since Chavez took over have been done by direct assignment rather
than open bidding, down from 13% in 1998. Yes, 13%! The IVth. Was not as
corrupt as they claim, no?

to Otaiza, in 2005, 100% of the municipalities, half the Ministries and two thirds
of the Governorships violated the law. Nice record! 

source: Of 337 municipalities only six provided information within three months
as established by law.

Two state managers have been fired for corruption, none charged. This includes one fired for stealing ten Tons of
meat. I guess the revolutionaries are also hungry.

—Caaez (Barinas
sugar plant): As you have read it here, the Assembly said there was corruption
for US$ 2 million; but little has been built despite US$ 200 million being
spent. Well, last week, the Vice-President of the Comptrolling Committee of the
National Assembly said that corruption in Caaez is likely to be above Bs. 140
billion (US$ 65 million). Finally the numbers begin to make some sense.

fund for agricultural development gave Bs. 44 billion (US$ 20.4 million) to
four coops that don’t exist in the Zaraza region.

—In the
same region, that same fund has given credits to plant 51 thousand hectares. The
problem? Zaraza only has 31 thousand
hectares of arable land. The magic of the revolution, land multiplies!

But we are
not supposed to worry. Today the “moral” Council removed a Supreme Court
Justice (Chavista at that!) because of corruption. This Council includes the
Comptroller Clodosvaldo Russian, in charge of stopping corruption since 2000. I
wonder what he has to say about Otaiza’s statements, because so far he has
found very few corrupt people in the last five years. In fact, he keeps denying
they exist!

But as Chavez
today: “It is the corrupt in Caracas
that stop everything”

Where does
he live? Where has he lived in the last seven years? You guessed it: Caracas, right in the midst of the largest corruption run in the country’s history