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Boston Globe publishes letter from Daniel

May 5, 2006

And at the Boston Globe they publish Daniel’s letter in response to the awful Editorial that paper wrote last week::

IT IS rare to see such an offensive editorial on Venezuelans as yours (”Getting past oil’s ideology,”
April 28). You seem to think that just because the United States is a
major consumer of oil, it is entitled to some rebate, just as from some
electronic retailer.

That would be fine if Venezuela were a democratic country playing by
the rules and with a standard of living at least not too far behind
that of the United States.

Neither is true. While some folks get
subsidized heating in Massachusetts, there are too many Venezuelans who
do not get three meals a day, and this after nearly eight years of
President Hugo Chavez’s rule through a populist and leftist

What is really going on in Massachusetts, at
least from the viewpoint of the average Venezuelan who knows where to
pinpoint Boston on a map, is a congressman shamelessly playing politics
for his reelection on the backs of Venezuela’s poor. The actions of
William Delahunt are close to despicable, at least as seen from here.
They give liberals a bad name, and it is beyond belief that The Boston
Globe supports such actions in its editorial.


Daniel has his own comments in his blog
, where he takes advanatge of the occasion to blast the NYT.

A blogger from Venezuela getting a letter to the Editor in the Boston Globe: Priceless!