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Hugo Chavez: The man who would be King

May 6, 2006

Hugo Chavez, the autocrat himself, comes out today and threatens to call for a referendum so that he is allowed to stay until 2031 if the opposition does not participate in the December elections, showing that he has no belief in democracy. He claims he can call for it with a decree, that presumes he considers it just an amendment, not a reform. I think it is a reform because it would remove an important limitation.

Meanwhile, the new CNE is starting to show its true claws. Today CNE Board member Janeth Hernandez “discards” the possibility of a manual count in parallel with the automatic one. According to this lady, this is “too much work”. Come on! How can it be too much work, if they were unable to do 125 audits in the recall referendum, or less than 50% in the regional elections. They could not even do these audits in the five weeks promised in the December elections when only 17% of the people voted! Hard work my a…!

Thus, the loyal hardcore is ready to act and the man who wants to be King also is. A true autocrat wants to crown himself and his idiot supporters around the world are ready to cheer him!