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All I am saying is give Chavez a chance

May 8, 2006

So now everyone
is jumping on the Government because that marvel of Chavista engineering “The Trocha”,
the temporary road, which has become permanent, which replaces the viaduct that
will never fall (Chavez
has been temporarily shut down. But people
simply don’t listen. First of all, it has not been shut down, it was simply
closed at the worst hour of rush traffic on a Monday evening, in order to do
some scheduled repairs, including the placing of much needed lighting and
reinforcing some walls that may come down and kill some people.

This had
all been planned for later, they had schedluded the “programmed landslide” for later, but the engineers in charge decided to listen to
the School of Engineers and fix it before it got
worse, so if you should blame anyone, you should blame them. After all, they have
been right all
along and the Government had never listened to them and look
at what happened.

You should
not blame Chavez either. After all, a year ago, he was thinking about building Iranian bicycles,
to replace the Chinese bicycle plant that was never built to replace the Cuban bicycle
plant that never got off the ground.

But see, you can’t blame it on Chavez either, after all, he never thought “the people” used the
Caracas-La Guaira highway until someone told him, he always believed that this
road was only used by oligarchs to go to the beach every weekend. That is why
he never paid attention to it, until the stupid viaduct began to fall down, because all
of the opposition members jumped at once on their feet, making the earth
tremble, which in turn made the viaduct collapse. But soon they will no longer
be able to do this, because they are leaving the country very fast. Or so Jose
Vicente tells him.

People are
just too critical. Just yesterday Chávez in Alo presidente said that his Government
will build 150,000 housing units this year, even if only 17,000 have been built
so far in 2006. You are skeptical because last year it was
100,000 for the full year and in May only 8,000 had been built and only 19,000
were built all year, but last year was a practice run, because 2006 is an
electoral year, so I am sure that the Government will build at least 20,000.

After all,
Chavez can’t do everything He did not pay attention to the viaduct because he was busy helping
Luis Tascon with the Maisanta list, for which he has never taken the credit he
deserved, while that minor leaguer Tascon got it all. He was also building his own
construction company
, which somehow never got off the ground because he has
too many incompetent collaborators and was promoting Iranian
solar panels
, which one of this decades will have a huge impact in our
daily life. So please, be patient, Chavez is working very hard.

In fact,
there is a blessing in disguise in all this. Last week Chavez suggested to Lula
that the Transamazonic-pharanoic gas pipeline may go down first from Caracas to
La Guaira, so that the pipe could become the viaduct itself and that way some
money could be saved. Lula looked at Chavez, admiring his genius, his
creativity, turned to Brazilian Foreign Minister Amorin and said:”We are out of
here”. Clearly, Chavez had left him speechless.

So please,
start appreciating what Chavez is doing. Don’t criticize “The Trocha”.
Eight years is just not enough. Ask Fidel. Why do
you think Chavez is asking to stay as President until 2031? Easy, he wants time to
do the Trocha right. He wants to be known as the man who built that engineering marvel “The Trocha”.
So, please give him a chance. He may have no clue as to what he is doing, but
he is well meaning and deserves a chance to do right by all of you.

Important correction to the Silvestre versus Bigott post

May 8, 2006

On Saturday I wrote about the $18 million dollar retainer. I missed the fact that I had not placed the correct link on the story. What makes the story strong was the fact that I dug out from the court in New York the decision by that Court in the case of Silvestre versus Bigott de Loaiza, without that correct link the post was simply hearsay. Bigott de Loaiza says the contract is real, but that the numbers are not true, but she also says that she knows nothing about the injunction. Hard to believe no?

So now you can all read what Silvestre claims and all of the support to what I said on the post. I apoligize to Mora who pointed out I had duplicated the link and I understood it was the link to the Court, not to my post. I have corrected the original story.