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Sophronities all over the place

June 10, 2006

I guess I must be geting used to calling the old Brazilian Laelias Sohphronitis if I thought of that as the unifying title for this post. As I described before, scientists have said that using DNA analysis they ahve detremined that most of the Brazilian Laelias like the Purpurata and Tenebrosa belong in fact to the same family as the Sophronitis. Hard to get used to but it is seepiung thru slwoly.

Above left, Sopronitis Tenebrosa, before Laelia Tenebrosa, definietl a very spectacular flower with thos contrsats in color. Right: The now constant flowering of Sophronitis Cernua. This oen ahs always been a Sophronitis in terms of botanical classification.

Two varieties of Sophronitis Purpurata, formerlia laelia Purpurata, the national flower of Brazil.