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Some Chavistas getting fed up with corruption and influence peddling

June 21, 2006

If things
are frustrating for us, that have always been able to see through the
revolution and oppose Chavez, imagine how supporters of the revolution who can see
from the inside how the daily cesspool gets filled with more and more filth. Most of
them remain silent, but others just can’t and risk their status within the
revolution when they speak out.

One such
man is Eustoquio Contreras, a Deputy from Movimiento Electoral del Pueblo (MEP) who is
the Vice-President of the Comptrolling Committee of the National Assembly. While
the Comptroller says everything is peachy and there has been corruption since
the times of the Romans and continues to illegally collect both his pension and
his salary; and a former Comptroller reminds him that Chavez giving Bolivia
helicopters and deciding on the spot to give money to something or other is
simply against the laws, including the anti-corruption law, Contreras says things are really getting ugly. But the former
Comptroller is not pro-Chavez, but Contreras is, and here is what he had to
say in his press conference yesterday

thing are happening that after seven years should not be happening: fights over
bureaucratic spaces, corruption among us, people defending the corrupt and
attacking honest people, a President that speaks and nobody listens to him,
people without a roof and without answers”

He enumerated
some of the sins he has encounteres: “Fondafa refuses to give loans to honest people,
INTI protects large landowners, some of which are part of the Vth. Republic,
while it tramples over those that have all their paperwork in order, it is us
that are administering the wealth of the country”

(election) on the 4th. of December was an electoral and political, reversal
because of a campaign conducted by people surrounding the highest levels of Government,
the Governors and the Mayors”

I could
say Eustoquio should read this blog, but no, most people that support the Government
can see this everyday, they just don’t have the guts nor the honesty to say
like Conttreras does what they feel, for fear they will be separated form the
revolution. I am sure Eustoquio will be ostracized for this, but it is
comforting to know there are still men of principles within the revolution even
if I disagree with their support of Chavez.

Brilliant cartoon by Weil on the audit of the Electoral Registry

June 21, 2006

Weil shows once again his brilliance, this time clearly understanding that the choice for the CNE was as simple as this:

(Text: You will audit the Electoral Registry)