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Bill to control NGO’s to be approved, more control, more censorship

June 14, 2006

So, Chavez
said he
would not
renew the license of opposition TV stations next year? As Ravell
from Globovision said
, let him do it, doesa he dare do it? This is what Fhavez wants us to talk about his threats, but there are so many real things going on and happening. I will not even talk about the issue,
because what is important is the dictatorial Government this country is under,
the billion dollar levels of corruption we are witnessing, the destruction of
the economy that is still taking place as we become a purely transactional
economy, the giveaways abroad to promote Chavez’ stature, the huge expenditures
in military equipment as Venezuelans go hungry and the inefficiency and the
violation of human rights, including the right to vote. This is what is
important and real toda.

The latest
pet project by the autocratic and dictatorial Government is a law to control
NGO’s. Whether they are political, defenders of human rights, against AIDS or
the environment, this new law would impose absolute government control over
NGO’s, which would make them subject to Government inspection and supervision.

I am sure
some of our naïve readers that think there is really a revolution taking place
in Venezuela
are now nodding in agreement with the proposal. They actually believe Chavez is
well meaning and is imposing controls that are reasonable. Well, courtesy of
Tal Cual
here are the quotes from the nice, democratic, tolerant,
respectful and well meaning Deputies of the Assembly and what they think of the
project and why it is needed:

(the NGO’s) are oppositionist institutions, that see no further than their
interest, that even affirm that the Government only wants the control of
independent institutions, given that they are NGO’s that receive money from Governments
form other countries

— “These are the same organizations that backed the coup
that did not denounce (??) those deaths of peasants; definitely they are lackey

–“Of course we are going to control these organizations
this is what the “people” (??) are asking for”

–“We have
received very strong attacks like that by Alan Garcia…this has to end”

–“We have
information (??) that Sumate has 12.5 million dollars for the campaign and
primary elections of one sector of the country, where they get this money needs
to be investigated”

Can it be clearer than this? It is simply more control, more censorship, fewer rights. No honest motives involved.

Chavez promoting and encouraging democracy today

June 14, 2006

Hugo Chavez promoting with his actions the true image and values of his democracy today June 14th. 2006. The words were just as bad as the images. Note the Panerai watch in the second image, that is a recent revolutionary acquisition, maybe it came with the rifles (Thanks Mora!)