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Ignorant military honor Kalashnikov in the name of science, peace and sovereignty

July 10, 2006

revolution can be truly amazing. None other than the Armed Forces University (UNEFA), gave
this week
an Honorary Doctorate degree to Mikhail Kalashnikov for his
research in the area of weapons manufacturing and his contributions to the
defense of the sovereignty of Nations. To make the matter even more hilarious
supposedly Kalashnikov said that it was an honor to be part of “such a body of
well known scientists”. Well, he must known something we don’t, there are
hardly any scientists at UNEFA, let alone well known. Some General or other
even went as far as calling Kalashnikov a scientist, which goes to show that
these ignorants can be easily fooled. He is an inventor, not a scientist and
honoring him in the name of sovereignty and peace is in my own opinion
absolutely immoral and absurd.

military officials seem to have trouble with certain concepts. Sovereignty is
not only the defense of our territory, but also the defense of what we have and
own and how we think. Where is sovereignty when Chavez gives away billions to other countries? When
ill prepared Cuban Doctors take the jobs of Venezuelan Doctors? (BTW check out
this, a former Minister of Health saying
4,000 Cuban Doctors have defected). Science is something they have yet to
understand as nutty scientific planners and theorists of science have taken over
science and the scientific bureaucracy in Venezuela.

given the high consumption of hard liquor in Venezuela, mostly Scotch whisky, UNEFA
should have given the Honorary degree to Kalashnikov for inventing, owning and
selling his own brand of vodka,
another one of his “scientific” contributions.

I can
still remember some twenty years ago when a very humble 80 year old man came and visited Venezuela. Nobody
paid much attention, as he gave a couple of lectures, visited labs and friends
and was honored by the Venezuelan
Academy of Sciences. He was John
two-time Physics Nobel Prize winner, the Government and UNEFA
ignored his visit, they could not recognize a true scientist if they saw one. They
still can’t!