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Ideology tops sovereignty in the empty revolution

July 13, 2006

You have to wonder what goes through the minds of some of the revolutionaries
that are within and around the Chavez administration. These are nationalistic
and militaristic ideologues that for the last few decades have been yelling and
screaming about the defense of the country’s sovereignty. In fact, sovereignty
played a very significant role in Chavez’ presidential campaign in 1998, where
he would accuse the Caldera Government of being a threat to the fatherland, of
not having the best interest of the country and its citizens in mind and
allowing other countries to intrude in its “national sovereignty”.

The problem is that sovereignty is
invoked in a lackadaisical and inconsistent way by the same people who used to
find a threat of the country’s sovereignty at every step. In fact, they still
do, if it helps in prosecuting or discrediting their enemies such as in the
Sumate case. going as far as calling primary elections a “conspiracy”.

But then this same people allow
Chavez to throw money around the world at will, without even consulting the
National Assembly, giving oil to countries richer than Venezuela, offering
money for projects that have little benefit for Venezuela, buying bankrupt
companies in other countries, subsiding the issuing of debt of other nations
and spending billions of dollars in the name of sovereignty, while poverty,
crime, malnutrition and bad healthcare are part of the everyday life of most

But what left me absolutely
was to hear that William Izarra, one the ideologues of Chavismo held
a ceremony to honor a man who led a Cuban mission into Venezuela,
on the 39th. anniversary of their boat landing in the Machurucuto
coastal area of Miranda
Indeed, in 1967, while Raul Leoni was a well liked and democratically elected
President of Venezuela, Fidel Castro was trying to undermine that same
democracy and sent a boat of Cuban soldiers to help subvert the country. One
Cuban officer was captured and was shot dead when he tried to escape. This is
the man that was honored by these despicable revolutionaries on June 27th.

Now this man came to our country to
help kill Venezuelans and to help overthrow and undermine our established
democracy. Doesn’t it go against our sovereignty to go and honor him now? To
make it even worse, there was a
bleeping enactment
of the invasion, which, to make matters worse, was
widely covered by official media!

Do these people have anything in
their brains? This immoral act does not bother them? What are the definitions
of sovereignty, homeland and fatherland in their deficient minds? Are they so
blind with ideology that they can’t even grasp the most basic concepts of
solidarity and charity with their countrymen first?

The problem is that these people as
so embedded and dazed in their ideology, that they simply have lost sight and
track of what the original motivation behind their ideology was. They have
become prisoners of their own doctrine. It has simply become ideology for
ideology’s sake. Those that share and identify themselves with their ideology
abroad are more important that Venezuelans that support the Government but are
not unconditional. Those that are useful abroad deserve more than Venezuelans
that are unconditional.

In the end whether it has been 7
plus years (like Chavez) or 48 years (like Castro) without the lot of the
population improving, is simply irrelevant for them. What is important is that
the ideology survive, that it be preserved, that it be immortalized and
idolized, whether in the image of and old man that begins to sound like a
buffoon, or by a an incompetent former military who is the host of a TV talk
show, but sounds like a preacher.

It is indeed very sad to see
Venezuelans, who claim to love their country, acting this way. It is quite
offensive to hear these people honoring those that came to subvert us and kill
us. Those that came to terrorize, hurt and rape the Venezuelan population. In
honoring these invaders and terrorists, these people are indeed incurring in
treason against their own country. All in the name of their ideology and their
empty revolution.

Hopefully when this nightmare is
over, whenever that may be, they will all be punished for it.