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Governor Rosales calls the People’s Ombudsman by his rightful name

July 17, 2006

personalities in the robolution are as despicable as the People’s Ombudsman
German Mundarain, the so called People’s Defender who is such a Chavez loyalist
and comrade that he has spent all his time in office defending the Government
and not the people that he is supposed to serve. Famous are Mundarain’s
appearances when the opposition used to be gassed and abused during marches,
where he would come out and tell us how the Government had followed the law and
not overstepped its boundaries.

Well, I don’t know what exactly happened to get Governor Rosales so mad today,
but he was furious at the Ombudsman as detailed in this report from
for those that do not speak Spanish here is a translation of
his statement:

“The People’s Ombudsman, as everybody knows-is a leader of PPT, a
political criminal. Everyone knows that the People’s Defender is not a defender
of the people. Why isn’t he defending the rights of the people kidnapped in Zulia State?
Why doesn’t he defend the interest of the people who have been extorted, of the
families of the people who have been assassinated?

Ombudsman is meeting with people who border on the criminal, the famous Teletubbies;
they are plotting against the institutions in Zulia State”

Well, I am
not sure what got to Rosales, but it was about time that someone called that spade
a spade. Is this the beginning of his campaign? I hope so.