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The Margabel House by Gerver Torres

July 16, 2006

Does Gerver Torres have a sense of humor or is he just very cynical
these days?

Margabel House
by Gerver

With the discovery of the Margabel house, a number of problems have now
been solved in the country all at once. First of all, there is the problem of
housing. Now that we have discovered that almost 2.3 million people can live
comfortably in a single home, there is no doubt that the accumulated housing
deficit we have in the country, of roughly 1.7 million units, that was considered
necessary to house 10 million and a half of all Venezuelans, can be solved by
building five Margabel-style houses and we even have some space leftover. It
also happens that since the number of new people that need housing every year
is around half a million, what we will need afterwards is to build one house
every four or five years.

The second problem that is proven that it should never have existed is
that of transportation. It just so happens that the 2.3 million people that
live in Margabel registered in the Electoral registry in six states which are
far part from each other: Anzoátegui, Cojedes, Falcón, Guárico, Sucre y Vargas.
This surely means that they work during the day in these states and then they return
to sleep in Caracas,
where the famous house is located. This proves that the means of transportation
are more agile and efficient that people want to admit.

The third problem is that of public services. We see that 2.3 million
people can live in a reduced space without anyone complaining about the lack of
water or any electrical failure. Those that say that public services in Venezuela fail,
do no want to see the reality of the Margabel house

the most urgent problem solved by the Margabel house is that of the ten million
votes that President Chavez needs in December. With 2.3 million votes per
house, the President would be all set with less than five of those homes. However,
it would be very convenient for the CNE to add up the numbers right, because of
they get tangled up in the numbers and instead of including five Margabel-like homes,
they include fifty, they could make the President win with 100 million votes.

Chavez and Venezuela take sides in the Middle East

July 16, 2006

I don’t
like to write about international affairs, but the Chavez Government has somehow
gotten involved in the Middle East dispute unnecessarily
taking sides and using the term “Zionist” in a pejorative way which simply
shows the
of the members of the National Assembly as to what the terms

Since I
suspect that Iran
is behind
this whole conflict
, I guess I should not be surprised, somehow Chavez
finds some affinity with the Iranians, but I bet he had never met one before he
became President. He probably now believes that they are his blood brothers. But
they are not; they are religious zealots taking advantage of Chavez’s political
position. Very sad for Venezuela
to take sides and find the Israeli Government questioning not only the Assembly’s
statements, but Chavez’ own
when he blamed the US
for being behind Israel.
Well, I am no expert on Middle East affairs, but I can assure you that Israel does not need the US telling it
what it should do.

As of the
conflict itself, I think that any civilized country rather than taking sides
would actually do the opposite, not take sides, and use its influence, if any,
to try to help achieve some peace, a cease fire, a break that would allow the
two sides to back down. That is what being civilized is about and Venezuela has a
long history of neutrality in these conflicts that should be respected..

And I do
feel bad for the Venezuelans who are of Jewish origin, who live here and love
this country but they now find their own Government taking sides in a battle
that is not their own and where no side should be taken. Moreover, it is a
Government they have always been very suspicious about in terns of their relations
with their own community. Venezuela
has large group of citizens of Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian and Jewish origin.
But somehow the Chavez administration takes sides largely with the Iranians,
probably the only group with no significant population in this country. But
even if they did, Chavez should show some respect for those who live here, take
no sides and ask for peace. But he is a man of war.

He would be
right at home in the Middle East