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Governmenet by revenge and retaliation, not by law

July 29, 2006

The Venezuelan Vice President showed the true colors of this autocracy when he said today that everytime there is an attack on any leader of MVR, the Government will “expropriate thousands of hectares in retaliation”.

So, Venezuela will from now on be ruled by the Law of the Jungle, with a Government acting on the basis of revenge and retaliation, ignoring the law and doing whatever it wants.

Hold it! Isn’t that what has been happening in the last few years anyway? I guess they are taking off their mask by now and simply saying in public what they tell each other in private everyday. Ask Sumate, Primero Justicia, the media, General Francisco Uson, General Carlos Martinez, Carlos Ayala, Henry Vivas, Lazaro Forero, Ivan Simonovis, as well as those killed and injured by this Government’s repression and disregard for human rights.

Ahora Venezuela belongs to…

July 29, 2006

Yesterday Moody’s announced that it was withdrawing the credit rating of PDVSA because it lacked information about the financial and operating state of the company. This is the revolution, after spending years saying that PDVSA was not transparent, they have turned it opaque. The slogan that now PDVSA belongs to everyone or the people is simply as hollow as we knew it would be.

By the way, the Reuters article says that PDVSA turned in the 2004 financials to the SEC in mid-2006. This is incorrect, PDVSA announced that it was doing it, but it has failed to it so far, as any check of the SEC Edgar database shows.

Amazingly enough, PDVSA responded by saying that they will send Moody’s any needed information and that they never recieved any request for information. Of course, they failed to mention that they did not comply with their legal obligation to turn in the 2004 financials by the three deadlines and extensions established by the SEC. These are the clowns running the country!

Sure, the Government would never take advantage and campaign for Chavez

July 29, 2006

Of course the Government will not take advantage of its position and campaign for the President. The Electoral Board will simply not allow it, we are protected by law and the Constitution. Chavez can stay in the Presidency as a candidate, it is a matter of continuity and he is a good guy, he would never abuse his position or take advantage of it.

If by any chance the Government tried to sell toothpaste packaged like the one below in the Government’s Mercal chain of markets it would be immediately stopped.

What do you say? They are selling it already? Just like that? And it has the symbol of the ten million votes for Chavez campaign? And it says ten million smiles? And all Mercal’s are carrying it?

Oh well, I guess I was wrong.