Governmenet by revenge and retaliation, not by law

July 29, 2006

The Venezuelan Vice President showed the true colors of this autocracy when he said today that everytime there is an attack on any leader of MVR, the Government will “expropriate thousands of hectares in retaliation”.

So, Venezuela will from now on be ruled by the Law of the Jungle, with a Government acting on the basis of revenge and retaliation, ignoring the law and doing whatever it wants.

Hold it! Isn’t that what has been happening in the last few years anyway? I guess they are taking off their mask by now and simply saying in public what they tell each other in private everyday. Ask Sumate, Primero Justicia, the media, General Francisco Uson, General Carlos Martinez, Carlos Ayala, Henry Vivas, Lazaro Forero, Ivan Simonovis, as well as those killed and injured by this Government’s repression and disregard for human rights.

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