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Onwards for the Venezuelan Judicial robolution

August 2, 2006

excellent day for the new robolutionary Justice system in Venezuela, to wit:

over 200 people, all opposition of course, are being harassed and persecuted
for being at, signing the entrance sheets or even being taped on video being
there, the Supreme Court rejected
trying today General Lucas Rincon for either rebellion or abandoning
his position as Chief of Staff. As is usual with robolutionary Justice, the
Court used a technicality; in this case, that those that asked that he be tried
do not have the required “legitimacy” to request the trial. It was Lucas Rincon
who appeared on TV on April 11th. saying that Chavez had resigned
setting off the fateful events of that day. Lucas Rincon was later named
Minister of Defense, Minister of Interior and Justice and currently enjoys
robolutionary dolce vita as Venezuela’s
Ambassador to Portugal.

—In an
unheard of threat, the Superintendent of Banks gave the banking system
three days to turn over all of the banking information on Sumate. All of this
to satisfy the fishing expedition of some Deputies of the National Assembly who
have no evidence that Sumate committed a crime, but nevertheless continue
saying they did. You can read all of the sordid details in
Daniels’ blog
, but basically, there is only a suspicion that Sumate may
have exchanged dollars (Sumate says it only received Bolivars), that it
violated the foreign exchange illegalities law (which did not exist
at the time
) and that it did not register in CADIVI (you don’t need to
register if you bring dollars in, you bring dollars in via the Central Bank).
Thus, ignorant Deputies fish, but no evidence of illegalities exist but the
Government goes all out against it. Meanwhile US$ 45 million is missing
from FOGADE and the National Assembly does not even peep, since they were lost
under the robolutionary non-supervision and a buddy might be guilty.

former Vice-Minister of Foreign Relations and sister of former President of the
Electoral Board wants to open an investigation of Clinica Avila where
her brother was taken
after having an accident. The private hospital says they
could not take care of him because the tomographer was not working. Mrs.
Rodriguez should go to any public hospital and see how many people are turned
away daily for things like having no gauze. Should we then open an investigation
against the Government? 

Prosecutor’s office appeals
the detention
of two bank clerks in the case of the sugar processing plant
in Barinas state who paid the false checks in that case, the only two people
detained in the case of the gigantic fraud with the Government’s grandiose sugar
plans announced by Chavez in 2002. Meanwhile, Venezuela is now importing sugar
and there
is a deficit
of 73% of the amount needed every month. As they used to say
in the IVth.. Republic: “Donde estan los reales?” (Where is the money?). I
know, it is all in the hands of the robolution. In this particular case, active
and former military, former Government officials and millions given to the
Cuban Government to purchase obsolete processing plants from that country.

with the customary vote of 4 to 1 the Electoral Board approved
the rules
for advertising in the upcoming Presidential campaign. Chavez
will be able to hold his Sunday marathonic reality show Alo Presidente, he will
be able to address the Nation forcing all TV stations and radio stations to
carry his speeches whenever he wants and just in case, the CNE is now
considering putting a cap of US$ 7.7 million dollars to the amount any
candidate can spend on the upcoming campaign. (Probably to protect Chavez??) 

—The Metropolitan City Council approved the expropriation
of any building built before 1987 which have been used as rental property for
more than ten years, as long as the occupants have paid their rent. Great encouragement
for new building in a country with a shortage of more than 2 million housing