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Another Barretazo by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

August 31, 2006

Crazy day today, as the Chavez Government via
its spokesmen VP
Jose Vicente Rangel
and Jesse Chacon, publicly
disagreed with the measure of attempting to expropriate the golf courses by
Metropolitan Mayor Barreto as the Mayors of Chacao and Baruta sued Barreto for defamation
and the like. Rangel even goes as far as pointing out that there is not even
money to carry out Barreto’s projects.

But then comes autistic Barreto and completely
agrees with them
, by assuming all of the responsibility and saying Chavez
has nothing to do with his decision and saying he respects the same rule of law
that he seems to have violated in his decrees and attempts to expropriate the golf
courses. Go figure what is in the mind of this guy that he can come out and say
he agrees wholeheartedly with something that is meant to criticize his actions.
Of course, he ends his press release by sucking up to the almighty leader

Here is Petkoff’s take on the issue

Another Barretazo by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

Until we are given notice and until we see the
decree of expropriation of Country Club and Valle Arriba signed and validated
by Hugo Chavez, we have to consider the one issued by Barreto as the act of a buffoon,
one more act by that incompetent mayor, that wants to cover up with it the outrageous
behavior that on two occasions he perpetrated last week, with the downpour of
insults and badmouthing that he poured onto the Mayors of Chacao and Baruta, as
well as onto the middle class in general. And cover up also, of course, with demagoguery,
his gigantic failure as Mayor. On top of that, it is so obvious that this is
simply a retaliation against the mayors that the expropriated clubs are precisely
located within the municipalities they run. In turn, one can presuppose that
the La Lagunita golf courses were saved because many of the nouveau rich that
the mega corruption of Chavismo has produced have built and bought luxurious
and expensive homes in this sector. “Don’t intervene my golf courses” must have
been the warning to the great expropriator.

Beyond the fact that the decree doe not
fulfill any of the regulations established in the law of Expropriations, this
is not a matter for this discussion. This is clearly a political matter and the
metropolitan mayor, with his customary irresponsibility and lack of judgment,
has acted without measuring the consequences both politically and socially- besides
the economic ones- of his acts, which in his megalomaniac delirium must be
considered like something comparable to the takeover of the Winter Palace of
St. Petersburg in 1917. If this is not rectified, it is obvious that in the
middle of the electoral campaign this grab for power can only lead to a brutal
increase in political tensions and who knows towards which type of undesirable confrontations.
In fact, even in the Chavista world this does not go unnoticed, more so if you
take into account that yesterday Barreto was subjected to the disciplinary
committee of MVR, so that he may respond for his grotesque speeches of last
week. It is evident that this expropriating measure is not aimed at confronting
the deficit in housing. In fact, there is no prior study-as the Law of expropriations
orders- about the usefulness for reasons of public cause of the land.

It is simply a political attack on the Mayors
of Chacao and Baruta.

But there is more.

Barreto belongs to the Taliban sector of Chavismo,
completely opposed to the existence of a political climate which is less
violent and tense.

All of his actions are directed to feed reactions
equal in sign in certain sectors of the opposition. In fact, the proposed “expropriation”
is simply a provocation, a red cloth. In fact a normal and peaceful electoral campaign
is not convenient for the Talibans. They need an atmosphere of violence and confrontation.
It is within that where they believe they can stop the slow, but sustained unraveling
of the popularity of their candidate. But their objective is not only to provoke
the opposition.

The arrow is also directed –and perhaps with a higher priority-towards
those sectors of Chavismo that have publicly rejected any identification with communism
and have guaranteed the defense of property rights. Remember Ojo de Agua.