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Picked up from the headlines, including bye bye to ten million votes.

August 17, 2006

–Two nights ago I heard Hugo Chavez say that Citgo was selling its 41% stake in the Lyondell refinery because it was generating losses.

Today I read that the purchase of that same stake by Lyondell may give it a higher credit rating as the company bouth Citgo’s stake by borrowing US$ 2.65 billion, but the purchase of that stake in the plant will generate it abour US$ 880 million in additional income. Thus, PDVSA sells for US$ 2.2 billion something which gives Lyondell US$ 880 million per year in eranings at current oil prices. Doesn’t sound like this was a losing proposition to me. On top of that PDVSA’s investment in the refinery was US$ 830 million in 1994 and the plant was upgraded from cash flow form operation, so that PDVSA made a nive and healthy profit from it. Does Chavez not undrestand? Or is he simply lying?

–The new President of the National Assembly said today (El Nacional A-2) that “The opposition was not needed in the Assembly”

So much for these people being democratic, when they are ready to exclude at least 40% of the political representation in the country. These people are fascist and autocratic. On top of that they are incredibly inefficient. The number of important laws approved in this term has been the lowest in the Assembly’s or Congress’ history. They also did incredible things, like approving the change in the flag and Coat of Arms without estimating the cost. This is against the regulations.

–Well, it sounded good while it lasted, but Chavez seems to be reading the same polls that we do, he no longer thinks that ten million votes is possible:
“Less than six million, don’t even think about it. It’s a long way to
ten million, but we are going to get closer. Let’s assume we will get
to eight milion votes”

By now he may be even talking about total votes in the election, not Chavista votes. How times change, 50% abstention and he may not even get 4 million votes in December.

Last night Chavez told graduates of the Bolivarian University that they had to learn to be poor and humble.

Easy to say, as you check your Cartier watch, fix your Lanvin tie and leave in a helicopter. Typical expression, proving he wants everyone to be poor, not create well being and wealth for all.

Escape from Ramo Verde by Teodoro Petkoff

August 17, 2006

Escape from Ramo Verde by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

The escape by Carlos Ortega and the Farias brothers has left the
Government with no clothes on.

The great, one act farce from Havana, with Chávez acting like one of the wise
men, carrying presents to sick Fidel, was buried by the escape from jail of the
President of the workers union federation CTV, the most emblematic of the prisoners
of the Vth Republic, which together with all of the paraphernalia after the
escape, led by the pathetic apparition of the General Prosecutor, the
unfortunate initial statements by the Minister of the Interior and the official
confirmation yesterday that military officials were accomplices of the escape.

The revolution is a parody.

The star witness deceives Isaias, who believed in what his eyes were telling him, military personnel which custodies a military prison opened the fences
and forgot routine procedures, at a time when the invasion by the “Empire” appears
imminent and the President- who equally distributes weapons, or wears cap and
gown- writes with all four hands with Fidel in frank recovery, while the Caribbean breeze sprays
the room with the promise of socialism, if not eternal.

Heroes from assaults and uprisings, Field and Chavez, snuggling in the
tenderness of their encounter on Sunday the 13th. , forget, and with
them their underlings, that the will of the people is stubborn in some cases
and docile in others. So much “Patria o Muerte” (Homeland or Death), too many “Venceremos”
(We shall win) that are suspended, fragile, exposed to public scorn.

But there is a solution. It was provided this morning by the new
President of the National Assembly, the surprising Celia Flores, who reveals to
us that if Chavez were the Prosecutor or a Judge, the problem of personal
safety would have been solved. But Chávez was not in charge of Ramo Verde the night
of the events, other occupations were keeping him awake.

He was about to take a flight or was already flying.

Flores should
remember that in those years of 1991 and 1992, it was vox populi what was being prepared. And what was being prepared did happen. Badly, but it happened. CAP was
also getting off an airplane at the time. The peaceful revolution, which began then its
actions pointing with machine guns, lost, at least militarily, its first
round. If CAP had been Minister of Defense, Cilia, for better (or for worse)
other things may have happened.

By the way. How about Chávez as president of the National Assembly? Or
as Minister of interior Jesse? As Fidel has said “Chavez has no replacement”.
For now…