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Sorry spectacle as Caracas Metropolitan Mayor insults and threatens to expropriate whole municipalities

August 22, 2006

Tonight in the best spirit of democracy, justice and
coexistence, the
Mayor of the Metropolitan area of Caracas Juan Barreto threatened
“expropriate the municipalities” of Baruta and Chacao as he insulted them and called them fascists. Using language
more appropriate for hoodlums or low lives, Barreto used swear words and
insults, even saying that he had taped all their private conversations and
that he planned to expropriate the golf courses of La Lagunita (a fancy
residential area in the outskirts of Caracas) to build housing. He tried to
suggest that the Mayors were promoting invasions (??), mixing up expropriations
and invasions and expelling invaders in the middle of the night to avoid the
limelight. He also accused them of using their “media power” to
disqualify the “public policies he has been carrying out” (??). He threatened them with jail, accused Lopez of burning the MVR house (??), Capriles of kicking (??) the Cuban Ambassador, implied they were gay (??), called them fascists (wow!), said they needed a psychiatrist, called them liars, traitors, said they were going to govern them, said they were doing fraudulent businesses, had money abroad, said a dog drove one of them crazy, said he had videos of the other guy “doing the things he does”, and so on and so forth…

This was all in the installation of the “Metropolitan Council for
Planning” which met today for the first time ever, even if Barreto said this was not the case, despite the fact that
it is supposed to meet regularly and it is Barreto himself who calls for its
meetings. Curiously, I may not have seen him, but I did not see the other
Chavista Mayor of the Caracas Metropolitan area, Freddy Bernal, at the meeting. Did Bernal know what was going to happen?

The representative to the Council for all Human Rights organizations, got up and left the meeting.

In the first reaction to Barreto’s words, Primero Justicia former Presidential candidate and
Rosales’ VP candidate Julio Borges, called for the resignation of Barreto,
saying that it was a shameful act, representing the Venezuela of hate,
violence, repression and intolerance that they want to change. Borges said it
was unacceptable for Barreto to insult and use this type of event to demean
these two Mayors who are doing an extraordinary job.

Borges said Barreto “is covering his incapacity and dishonesty, his won
inefficiency, looking to insult two Mayors who have done good work, people go
through Chacao and Baruta and they see the difference in terms of personal
safety, construction, ornaments, even having a national Government against
it”. In contrast, he said “when one crosses into Sucre
or towards Caracas
(downtown) it is another planet, filled with garbage, insecurity, chaos, and
who is the Head of all the Metropolitan area? Barreto.

More here. Video here (with most swear words removed).

Sorry spectacle and let the fireworks begin, this seemed to be premeditated by Barreto, not an accident!!