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Chavistas think they are so clever and Venezuelans are idiots

August 11, 2006

Not only do Chavistas laugh at us all the time, but they really have
total disdain for people and must think Venezuelans are truly stupid. A few
weeks ago, I
the wonderful new toothpaste being sold at the Government’s chain of
stores Mercal, under the brand name “ten million smiles” in clear allusion to
Chavez’ campaign slogan “ten million votes”. In fact, they even have two hands as a symbol, just like Chavez’ campaign slogans.

Well, yesterday Deputy Belkis Solis, showed
up at the National Assembly
with a box of tubes of this wonderful product,
claiming that it was all a just coincidence and that they were made by a co-op
called Cermanco (I have information that this is a lie too, but have yet to confirm
it) and that this co-op had a study made which said that 10 million Venezuelans
do not brush their teeth every day. Of course, she did not have a copy of the
study, but happily gave away the toothpaste tubes to the smiling Deputies.

The whole thing is so crass, that not even the pro-Chavez Director of
the Electoral Board German Yepez believed it and this was actually the example he
as a violation of the electoral rules on the part of the Government.
Of course, he first mentioned the fact that there was a banner at the Zulia Governorship
with Rosales’ slogan “Atrevete”. He failed to mention the
many ads appearing daily
in the press with Chavez’ name or image or even
the fact that the “Ten million votes” logo has been on the wall of the National
Assembly for the last month or so.

Here is a another picture of the tubes of toothpaste: