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Yesterday at the rally

October 8, 2006

during the rally, as Manuel Rosales was speaking, this guy got up on
top of this scaffolding right in front of the stage from which Rosales
was speaking as seeing above. Everyone thought the guy was drunk and the fear was he
woudl fall down. Some of the security people started climbing up the
scaffolding trying to talk to the guy into clmbing down without any
luck. After a while, Rosales noticed the guy was there and what was
going on and asked him:

“What do you want” shown the picture below

the guy replied: “I just want to talk to you”

Rosales said “Then come down and come over and talk to me”

The guy simply started climbing down as shown below

the security people took him to the stage, where he simply spoke into
the microphone, saying “This man is the next President of Venezuela” At
that point, he gave Rosales a big hug (see below), which made the security people
quite nervous and they just took him away.

Could you imagine the autocrat even paying attention, or briging someone like that near him? (Thanks Alek for the pictures from his side!)

Quote of the day!

October 8, 2006

“All of it’s Ph.D.’s have not harmed Venezuela as much as a single member of the military.”

Manuel Caballero in Elites and Elitism in today’s El Universal

Could not agree more!

Two Species

October 8, 2006

I thought I had four plants to photograph today, but in one the flowers wilted and the other, a Cattleya Jenmanii that won first prize last year, the flowers had evidence of virus and I had to throw it away. This is a precaution that I tae anytime there are hints of virus when a plnt flowers. So, I only have the two plants below.

Top left a nice Brassovala Nodosa, it has many more flowers which have opened at different stages. This group is the freshest. On the right, Catlleya Jenmanii corelua. As you can see the shape is not the best, itis the coerulea collor which makes this plant special.