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Washington Post discovers Chavez’ autocracy

October 30, 2006

Well, Yesterday Smartmatic, today it was none other than Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez prominently in the international news as the Washington Post had an article on the Anderson case. For Venezuelans what the article says is nothing new, what is new is that somebody outside is paying attention. Any of these paragraphs tells what we have been saying for the last couple of years:

“Unfortunately, few outside Venezuela paid attention to what happened next: Opposition journalists began digging into the case and found a very different story. Anderson, it turned out, was living far beyond his means and had a huge stash of cash in his home. He was alleged to have participated in an extortion racket that included lawyers, government prosecutors and judges — a conspiracy that was said to touch Chavez’s vice president, José Vicente Rangel. Ten days after the bombing, a lawyer suspected of involvement was shot dead by police; three former policemen with links to the lawyer were arrested, convicted of carrying out Anderson’s murder and sentenced to 27 to 30 years in prison.”

Yes. Outright murder of “suspects” in this so called democracy, followed by quickie justice for others, as the case remains unexplained to this day.


“Chavez’s minister (actually Prosecutor) reacted by obtaining a court order prohibiting the media from reporting about Vasquez. Yet even outright censorship didn’t work. In August one of the journalists, Laura Weffer of the newspaper El Nacional, tracked down and interviewed Vásquez, who broke with the government after he was charged in an unrelated case of domestic violence. A chagrined Rodriguez at last was forced to concede to the paper that he had been “deceived” by his witness.

Yes, censorship and outright lying by the man in charge of Justice in Venezuela has been the rule of the day. If not, ask the mayor of Chacao who has 26 cases berought against him. Or the fact that Rodriguez wrote a book on the matter. Talk about conflict of interest.

And then the nail on the autocracy charge:

“What this shows is that an independent judiciary is essential in a democratic country. And we don’t have that. What we have is a man who is determined to monopolize power.

Yes, democracy is a state of mind, not elections every x years…