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More Coryanthes, one under bee attack

October 11, 2006

A few weeks ago, I posted pictures of Coryanthes Speciosa. This week, Eduardo M. sent me these spectacular pictures of two different ones grown by him in his orchid room. Eduardo and his wife have a large collection, with lots of species. The one on the left below is a Coryanthes Verrucolineata, which I believe is from Peru, not Venezuela. The one on the right is a spectacular Coryanthes Alborosea, also from Peru.

Below is a Coryanthes Verrucolineata under attack by Euglossa bees, you can see they are all over the place and how much they are attarcted to the flower.

Two more political love letters

October 11, 2006

Two more love political letters today. The first one below, appeared in a local free daily paper called “Primera Hora” which is distributed in the mornings from Monday to Thursday at least in Caracas. Here is the translation, followed by Petkoff’s thoughts and his own love letter from the Tal Cual Editorial.

Love Letter

With your verbosity you conquered me
With your promises you convinced
With your long tales you captivated me
With your proposals you
enamored me

Using all your lies I fell in love
But throughout these 8
I realized you deceived me

You did not give me security
You did
not give me a home
You did not give me the trust to generate
You did not give me an opportunity to get out from the

Don’t ask me for another opportunity
You did not value my vote
or my trust

I will search for my own happiness.


And then Teodoro Petkoff accompanied the above image of Hugo Cupid, with his Editorial:

Cupid by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

Ultimas Noticias reveals today the new twist in the official electoral campaign
that from now on will hide the use of red and will profile a candidate surrendered
to love. Yes, read it clearly: Hugo Chavez has done everything for love. An ad
inserted in a number of dailies (inspired in the deep sensitivities of poets
Isaias and Tarek), outlines the strokes of this painter-ballplayer-soldier-president
that, begging, wants more time. He needs votes.

(Text of
Chavez’ ad posted yesterday

Those of you that have lived through this insufficient time for the official
candidate, and have memory, could assemble-with the prior authorization of the poets
of the regime- your own verses:

For love I
took the soldiers to the coup on February 1992 deceiving them

For love I
called the Venezuelans that oppose me squalids

For love I
blessed the Tascon list

For love I
have political prisoners

For love I
will govern until 2021

For love I
will play “rojo”
with the opposition

Some types
of love just kill you.