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Rosales’ Electoral Coordinator

October 25, 2006

I just heard an interview with Rosales’ Electoral. Eliseo Fermin, coordinator on the details of how the voting is supposed to take place on dec. 3d., which I thought it would be useful to convey to the readers.

–He began by talking about how the members of the electoral “mesas” were chosen. In the last few days, there have been rumors that 75% of all people manning the polling stations were pro-Chavez, while Chavez’ fiery supporter Lina Ron said that 90% were pro-Rosales. He said that this was not the case. He also said that a first list of people to man the polling stations was rejected by Rosales’ team because it clearly could not have been selected at random and a second list was generated, after a group of technical people reviewed both the software and hardware used. From their examination of the second list, they did believe it is random and that it may have a slight ‘Chavista” edge, because the law says that teachers have a special representation on the polling stations and many may be pro-Chavez only so as not to lose their jobs.

In addition to the people handling the stations, Rosales has appointed two witnesses per ‘mesa” who are being trained on their duties. On top of that Rosales has identified, as a minimum, one person at each table, who they are confident will defend his votes.

–All machines have to be disconnected all day. They can only be connected to the network, after every single tally sheet at the particular voting center has been printed and copies distributed to all sides. Once all of the President’s of each mesa meet and agree all the tally sheets have been printed and distributed, can the machines be connected to the network.

–Once the transmission is completed, the audit will begin. All of the President’s of “mesas” and in the presence of anyone from the public, will write down numbers in pieces of paper which will be put in a cup and someone from the public, not the Presidents will choose a piece of paper, another person another one, untill all “mesas” to be audited are selected.

The way the 55% works is as follows: If a center has one mesa, that mesa is audited, if it has two, one mesa is audited, it it has three or four, two mesas are audited, if it has five or six three mesas are auidted, if it has seven or eight four mesas are audited and it it has 9 or ten, 5 mesas are audited. (I hope I got this part right).

A copy of the audit tally will also be provided to each side.

–In closing, Mr. Fermin explained that when Rosales was elected Governor two years ago, the Chavistas were claiming in Zulia that the race was even. Rosales had copies of all of the tally sheets, showing a ten percentage point difference between him and Gral. Gutierrez. Rosales met with the press and invited them to look over all of the results, twenty minutes later he was declared the winner by the CNE. The same monitoring system will be deployed on Dec. 3d. He also said that the problems in the RR were the absence of a large audit, the machines were connected all day and the tally sheets were not a complete set.

Reported just as I heard it and hoping my memory did not fail me.