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Armando Reveron, a Venezuelan impressionist at MOMA

February 9, 2007

When I was young, I wanted to be a painter or an architect, so that I became acquainted with lots of artists, from both Venezuela and abroad. Early on, I liked Armando Reveron, an eccentric painter, who lived in the coastal area near Caracas, called Macuto. Whlie I now know a lot about his works, at the time I was fascinated by his beach scenes, particularly those that showed “Uva de Playa” (Beach grape) trees, like this one. At the time, for me art was something to enjoy and like, but I never thought about whether or not Reveron would transcend Venezuela.

This all comes about because Reveron has indeed gone way beyond our borders, and MOMA is having a show of his paintings, which starts on Sunday, which reveals this modern Venezuelan impressionist talent and career. It is satisfying to read a review of the exhibit today in the New York Times and all Venezuelans should be proud of this event. We are a small country, but have been prolific in producing internationally renowned artists like Reveron, Gego who is one of my favorites, Soto, Cruz Diez, Cabre, Gonzalez and many others.

Any of you lucky enough to be near New York, don’t miss it!