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Another step towards dictatorial control of the country, another step at failed economic policy

February 17, 2007

Today the Cabinet approved what is simply another step in Hugo Chavez Dictatorial takeover of the country. A decree was approved today which in its article 4 simply states:

“All of the assets neccessary to develop the activities of production, fabrication, import, storage, transport, distribution and commercialization of foodstuffs and products subject to price controls are declared of public utility and social interest”

What this means is that the Government can now take over, occupy, nationalize and expropriate any facility in the chain of production, distribution and delivery of any product subject to price controls at will. The products can also be confiscated at will by Government officials. Since the Government can add products to this list at will, this means just about any sector can be threatened with this decree and it gives the Government another weapon to subjugate and create fear in people. This decree is a clear violation of a Constitutrion that guarantees economic freedom in Venezuela, but clearly absence the rule of Law and the lack of independence of the Supreme Court guarantee that it will stand.

Another sad step in giving Hugo Chavez dictatorial control over the country. Another step in making food production unattractive for investment, insuring that shortages and inflation will intensify in the future. Another failed policy by an ignorant Government.


When one thinks one has heard everything, a loony Admiral speaks his empty mind

February 17, 2007

While Alek has said most of what was needed and Jorge noted the quote below, I can’t let it go without saying something about the remarkbale statements by Admiral Cabrera. It is a measure of the loony leaders of our country, that one has to hear such a high ranking member of the Venezuelan military suggesting we have something akin to Al Qaeda in a supposedly common fight against the US. Moreover for him to suggest that Sept. 11th. was self-inflicted by the US Government is simply stupid even if he thinks it may be true.

I wonder why Admiral Cabrera is so quick to react to this news from a wire sevice, joining the fray with Al Qaeda and stupidly blaming the US for our problems. What does the Admiral think of the way his fellow military officers are getting rich or are already rich under Chavez’ watch? Or about the wild spending spree in weapons that take food out of the mouths of poor Venezuelans? Or the gift of oil to Cuba? Or the many unauthorized gifts by the Autocrat/Dictator to other countries? Has he ever complained about any of them? I certainly haven’t heard him. Each and everyone of those acts represents a bigger theat to Venezuela and Venezuelans than anything the US does, it is just simpler to blame his incompetence and that of his fellow officers and politicians on someone else.

It is only when high ranking military officers like Cabrera begin denouncing the real problems of our country that we will be able to fix them. If he really believed in what he was saying, he should then call on Venezuela to stop selling oil to the US immediately. But if he did, he may lose all of his perks, including bodyguards, homes, cars and a salary 40 times the minimum salary. And he definitely does not want that!