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A video is worth 10,000 pictures

February 25, 2007

Watch the fascist autocrat at Daniel’s blog live!

Can it be any clearer than that?


Only a couple of species

February 25, 2007

Haven’t posted for a while, between Carnival vacation and few flowers, there has not been much of a chance to take pictures. Few flowers still as conditions have been cooler than usual, which will likely translate into more flowers in a couple of months. Cooler than usual means that temperatures have been below 15 C most nights, rather unusual for Caracas. In fact, in the last eight years, I don’t recall a an eight week period of cool nights like we have had. Above left, a very generous flowering of Cattleya Intermedia from Brazil. On the right, a close up of Shomburgkia Undulata from Venezuela, a very common plant along teh Coast near Caracas and in Aragua state, just a couple of hours drive from my home.

And then the whale just jumped…

February 25, 2007