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Another giant cynical expression of populism by Mayor Bernal

February 19, 2007

In another giant cynical admission, the Mayor of the Libertador District of Caracas, said today that he did not “recover” the Sabana Grande Boulevard earlier, because “it was not the momemnt to advance” and that it was only after “the consolidation of power by Hugo Chavez that he “started to rescue this urban space”.

Thus, in one sweeping statement, this cheap populist leader tells us exactly what is behind the silly revolution: It was Bernal that allowed the same urban spaces to be invaded and taken over by street vendors six years ago, in the name of populism, telling us how they deserved to earn a living and it was not humane to push them out. Today, six years later, when studies show street vendors no longer support the Government and Chavez has “consolidated his power” it is fine to remove them, also in the name of populsim.

Just another lesson in how fake the “love for the people” of the revolution is. In a few months, when the new Constitution needs to be approved, maybe the revolution will need the vote of the street vendors and will allow them back into these same urban spaces that today Bernal claims to love and desires be free of them.