When the rule of law is arbitrarily suspended by a Government it is called…

April 8, 2007

Is this the hallmark of a democracy?:

1) Former Governor charged with misuse of funds is jailed and after one year has not been brought to trail and all his requests to the Supreme Court are ignored.

2) After a bloody riot at the jail where he is being held, the former Governor escapes.

3) The Prosecutor charges 29 people of a group of 49 workers at the jail between civilians and National Guardsmen.

4) A Judge frees all 29 people saying there is no evidence proving that they were involved in the case.

5) Minister of Interior and Justice says that he will bring “all of the weight of the law” on the judge for ruling that way.

6) Judge is removed from her position.

7) Seven of the 11 civilians ordered freed by the Judge are held in the intelligence police headquarters and are not let go. El Nacional reports all 29 were not freed, El Universal reports the National Guardsmen were allowed to go home for the weekend.

From the dictionaryof the Royal Academy of the Spansih Language:

Dictadura (Dictatorship)

3. f.
Gobierno que, bajo condiciones excepcionales, prescinde de una parte,
mayor o menor, del ordenamiento jurídico para ejercer la autoridad en
un país

Government which, under exceptional conditions, prescinds of one part, whether minor or mayor, of the judicial order to exercize it authority in the country.

Well, this is becoming a daily ocurrence, not under “exceptional conditions”, that the law is set aside to follow the whims and desires of the Dictator/Autocrat.

Can it be any clearer than that?


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