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And the robolution never ceases to lie and shock

May 14, 2007

(And if you don’t want to register in the party…there is this other option here)

—-While Government officials deny that people are being forced to
register in Chavez’ party PSUV, El Universal publishes
a memo
from the Human resources department of the Metropolitan Police telling people that registration in
the party is obligatory for all.

—-And the new Law for Workers Councils that
the Government is preparing
does away with a single stroke with all unions.
The new councils will assume the role of unions, in another perverse twist by
the robolution.

—-And how about the President of the National assembly telling
Cubans are very happy and that country is a democratic country. She then
goes on to say she is very happy there is no opposition in the national
assembly. Which only goes to prove that she has no clue what a democracy is…

—-And the Minister of Information and Communication (who in this crazy
autocracy is also the official spokesman for Chavez’ political parties) said today that the TV
station that will replace RCTV will not “incur in the blunders” of the other
state TV stations and admitted that these
do not comply with the social responsibility law.

—-And how about the autistic Chavez Government saying that the Pope’s
concern about the rise of authoritarism in Latin America “should not be
interpreted” as being directed towards Venezuela? Umm, given that the Pope
talked about the “rise”, it can not be Cuba. What other country is being
accused of human rights violations, censorship, fraudulent elections and
militarism. Jeez, I can’t think of any other…

—-And the Minister of the Interior and Justice goes on the offensive,
given that it can not reduce crime, he holds a press conference telling the
media they are destabilizing with their publication of crime statistics. Always
vague, he says that crime is being reduced, which is exactly the opposite that
what is
being said by human rights organizations
using officials statistics. But
the crown was that he had the audacity to say that crime was down since Chávez
took over, while official, national and international statistics all reveal
that homicides are up 200% since Hugo Chavez took over. But such is the
revolution, when things go against them, they lie and eventually they make
reality change. The offensive to eliminate crime “virtually” by the fake
revolution has just begun.