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Notes from the Bizarro revolution

May 26, 2007

And in the bizarro revolution we read today that:

—The “Development” Fund Fonden was created to finance development projects and is banned from spending in local currency. Well, it turns out that last year it not only spent in local currency, but bought both old and new houses which were given to people that had lost their homes which violates the law that created it, but you could argue does something good even if it has nothing to do with development. But more interestingly, Fonden created a trust for the Ministry of Defense to purchase 15 multipurpose helicopters, 38 MI-17V5 helicopters, Kalashnikov rifles, AK-103 assault rifles, 24 SU-30 MK2 airplanes, long range radars and funds to establish a gunpowder factory.

—Day before yesterday President Hugo Chavez announced the creation of 28 new higher education institutions all of which, according to the imagination of the Autocrat/Dictator will begin functioning within one year. These institution will be comprised of 11 specialized universities, 13 state universities and 4 technical institutes. A surprised Minister for Higher Education, physicist Luis Acuna, says in today’s paper that there is no money for these projects. Another empty and unfulfilled promise by the autocrat. In any case, Venezuela needs more investment in education at lower levels. Higher education receives almost half of the education budget, which makes little sense.

—And how about actor Danny Glover, he finally got his payday for supporting Hugo Chavez as the autocrat gave the actor US$ 18 million to make a movie about Haiti. I guess Glover has no scruples for taking money away from the Venezuelan poor that he sobs so much for. In fact, imagine the impact those same US$ 18 million could have on the Haitian poor.

—And while the Minister of the Interior and Justice minimized on TV the mob assault on Globovision last night, where they are still waiting for him to send the police, the Mayor of Maracaibo issues a decree essentially forbidding any demonstrations this weekend in that city. I guess he has yet to read our Constitution and the rights it gives us, which he is violating.