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Mision CANTV by Teodoro Petkoff

May 23, 2007

Mision CANTV by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

The topic of nationalizations is not for us Venezuelans and ideological one. It is more of a practical matter.

We have lived too many years of our lives with a State owning hundreds of companies so as to feel now any form of vindication of our patriotic fiber with the nationalizations of CANTV and the Electricidad de Caracas. The only ones here who believe that we are taking a revolutionary step are the usual ultra leftists and the new ideological priests of the “process”, who operate from the Anauco Hilton Hotel.

CANTV was part of the State until 1991 and it was a piece of garbage. You had to wait ten minutes to get a dial tone and one day to make an international long distance call. In the whole country, with the exception of Margarita, Valencia, Barquisimeto and Ciudad Bolívar, the distribution of electricity is in the hands of CADAFE and it is impossible to have worse service than that. They live from one bright period to another. Sidor was in the hands of the state until 1997 and it survived thanks to the mouth to mouth resuscitation that public finances gave it. The same with the aluminum companies, that have never stopped being part of the State and whose losses are covered by state funds. We had here state airlines living off state funds; the State was also a hotel chain owner, owner of sugar processing plants, radio stations, banks (let us not mention that poor Banco Industrial, eternally looted by its Directors), etc., etc. Thus, we have absolutely no reason to feel ourselves facing a sort of great novelty when we someone talks to us about nationalizations.

We are too accustomed to state companies and their terrible service, as well as the frequent corruption scandals.

The only state company that has worked well is PDVSA, but Chavismo is already finishing it off. Only the extremely high oil prices dissimulate a chaotic situation. And you can not blame the strike for the current disaster. And this is the crux of the question. If these Government leaders (who deserve the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, because everything they touch turns to shit), have managed to unravel PDVSA, what can you expect from CANTV and Elecar, now in the same hands? Will we also start living in Caracas from brightness to brightness? Will they be able to manage the advanced technology that we have today, the same incompetent that failed in their efforts to build a new viaduct of the La Guaira highway with the resources of the Minister of Infrastructure and had to go and hire a private company to get them out of the tight spot? The matter is thus not an ideological one. One listens to “I the Supreme being” offering wonderful telephone things and hopes it will be that way, but it is enough to remember the street kids, the La Carlota Park, the road to Macuro, the 200 thousand homes a year, the parties, the Zamoran estates, the implacable fight against corruption, the Vargas reconstruction and so many other swindles of that type, to realize that it is the same usual BS. Let us pray to God that will be not be communicating with each other via smoke signals soon.