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Venezuelan police taking target price last night with pot banging demonstrators

May 30, 2007

Poll on trying to establish whether a website is being blocked or not

May 30, 2007

Poll: Are we paranoid or can you see this website?:

Tell us if you can and whether you are here or abroad. (I can’t see it!)

Update: Read the comments section, the conclusion is: Yes! Cantv is blocking that website!

Access to information is limited all over the country, as opposition leader is detained in Caracas

May 30, 2007

Oscar Perez, the political leader from the group called the “Comando de la Resistencia” who organized the protests last weekend against the shutdown of RCTV has been detained. He had nothing to do with the demonstrations this week but had been the most visible opposition leader in the last few months, organizing all protests related to the shutdown of RCTV. He ha yet to be charged with anything as 40 cops detained him and his sisters and took him to the National Guards Headquarters.

There is little information about all of the arrests made in the last two days. Different Government officials have mentioned different numbers and they differ from each other by factors of two. Separately, there is clearly a new level of self-censorship in the press as most of the day there was little information of what was going on on TV or on websites, despite massive protests by students NGO Foro Penal said most of those detained have not been charged with anything and have not been able to talk to a lawyer in over 24 hours and noted the inconsistencies in the numbers and the lack of detailed information. I know from good source that 5 students were injured in Yaracuy, but nothing has been in the news.

The student demonstration in Caracas was peaceful as the police did nothing proving once again who stirs the violence. This appeared to be a new strategy by the Government as police excesses were noted during the pot banging last night, including gassing in many places, shooting at crowds, shooting at buildings and Chavista thugs caught armed on amateur videos shooting at peaceful protesters.

Was it a quieter day or the news blackout does not allow you to really know all of what happened?

Note added at 8:15 PM: Ana Julia Jatar reports that in Merida people are not being allowed to protest.

Note added at 8:42 PM: Perez says he was mistreated and hooded while detained after a planing meeting for a march next Saturday for freedom of speech, while his lawyer says Perez was detained illegally as he is a Deputy of the Assembly of Miranda State and thus enjoys parliamentary immunity.

Note added 10:53 PM: Perez was freed now. Supposedly he was detained because his right to use a car from the Legislative Assembly had been revoke without him knowing about. If only the cops would be so efficient when it comes to crimes like murder, kidnapping and the like.

Protests in Lara State tonight!